Deanesfield Primary School

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Drop-off and Collection Arrangements - Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to the start of our first full week.


Please note that the drop off window in the mornings is now 08:40 - 09:00 and collection 15:10 - 15:30 (15:30-15:40 for Nursery.) This 20-minute window offers sufficient time for all the pupils to arrive and be collected without being late whilst also allowing free flow.


Please do not arrive before 08:40/15:10 as it causes queuing and congestion along the pathways. If you arrive early, Queensmead pupils will still be arriving and exiting and the pavements cannot cope with the crowding, forcing people to walk on the road.


Once the gates are open, everything moves really swiftly so queuing is unnecessary and causes a nuisance for our neighbours and compromises safety for all. If you do arrive early, please wait in your vehicle or close by away from the gate. There should be no need for queues to form.


As from today all pupils in Years 2 - 6 can enter either access gate that is nearest to their journey from home. Moving forward any Year 1 pupil can also enter via these gates with their older siblings and staff will guide them from the playground.


We thank you for your continued support.