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Week 5 - Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Reception Home Learning - Week 5 (4th May - 8th May)


Hi Reception! We are all really missing you! We hope that you are enjoying all of your home learning activities and challenges we have set for you.


Take a look at our videos on our school YouTube channel, which includes the video that talks through the challenges outlined on the home learning bingo grid for this week to give you a little extra support.


We cannot wait to hear all about your week!

Bingo Challenge Grid – How many boxes will you cross off this week?


Use some toy cars or pictures of cars to make a traffic jam! Can you make a long line of 9 cars in a traffic jam? How many would you have if another car joined the queue?

Treasure Hunt!

Can you find 3 different objects in your house or outside area that start with each of these sounds?

s, t, p and b

Write the numbers 1 – 10 on small pieces of paper and put them in a container. Pick a number and make a pile that is one more than the number and one less than the number using small objects such as Lego, coins or pasta shells.

Show Time!

Put on a sock puppet show for your family retelling your favourite story. What book will you choose?

The Gruffalo?


Make a list of things that are taller or shorter than you in your house. 

Taste Test!

With some help from your adult cover your eyes and taste the different food items given to you. Are they sweet or sour? Is it soft, hard or chewy? What food do you think it is?

Make a thank you card for someone who is helping us. This could be your postman, shop workers or delivery drivers etc.

he, she, we, me, be, my, was, they, her, all, are, you

Write each of these tricky words on small pieces of paper and spread them out on the floor. When your adult says one of the words find it as quickly as you can and hold it up.


Make a pasta necklace using wool or string and pasta. If you want to, you could even paint the pasta different colours.

Have a go at making your own slushy ice drink by freezing fruit squashes. Once frozen put the ice cubes in a glass and wait for them to start melting before you taste. Discuss the changes you have seen. 

Read these words and draw a picture to match each one:






Fruit Fun!

Start with 10 pieces of fruit such as grapes or strawberries. Now eat 2 of them. How many do you have left? Can you write this as a number sentence? Try it again and eat a different amount. 

Draw a picture of the Gruffalo and write as many WOW words as you can to describe him.

Set a 1 minute timer. How many times can you do each of these activities in a minute? 

  • Star jumps
  • Hops
  • Touch your toes, then your head
  • Squat jumps
Write a silly sentence about a fox, a fish and a boat. Remember to use finger spaces, to start with a capital letter and end your sentence with a full stop. Look at some pictures of you when you were a baby. What can you do now that you couldn’t do then? What more things would you like to learn how to do as you get older?

Phonic Activities:

  • Listen to the phase 2 and 3 jolly phonics songs on YouTube.

  • Write each of the sounds with your magic finger on the floor, on your hand, on your knee and really small on your fingernail.
  • Watch Phase 2 Tricky Words:

  • Watch Phase 3 Tricky Words:

  • Write a sentence for each of your tricky words: I, to, into, the, go, no, he, she, we, me, be, my, was, they, her, all, are, you. 
  • Make a special reading den in your room. How many books will you read in there this week?
  • Collect 5 objects from around your house. Can you write the names of these objects using your robot arms to sound talk each word?
  • Draw a friend from School. Can you write 5 WOW words to describe them?
  • Help to write your weekly shopping list.
  • Play phase 2 or 3 game on Phonics Play :     

Username: march20 Password: home



Maths Activities:

  • During bath time or whilst in your paddling pool when your adult says each of these star words, fill up a bottle or container to the correct amount: full, nearly full, empty, nearly empty and half full.
  • Exploring half: share different amounts of food treats between you and your favourite toy. How many do you each get? Is it fair?
  • Doubling: draw a big ladybird on a piece of paper and on one side, paint a small number of dots. Fold the paper in half to reveal what double that number is. Can you write the number sentence to match?
  • Can you make a pattern using shapes? E.g. circle, square, circle, square.
  • Write the numbers 0 - 20 on small pieces of paper and spread them out on the floor. How quickly can you put them in order?
  • Choose a number between 1 and 20 - how many different ways can you represent it? E.g. using objects from around your house like coins, drawing a picture or using your fingers.?
  • On your next walk, try and count how many rainbows you spot in people's windows.
  • Pick 2 numbers from 0 - 10 and add them together using objects or a number line for support..
  • Put some food items in a bowl e.g. food or popcorn. Pick out two handfuls and compare the amounts - which groups and more and which group has less?.
  • Top Marks Maths Games:



Mathletics & Reading Eggs:

  • Usernames and passwords for both of these websites are found in the front of your child’s orange home challenge book.
  • Mathletics – complete any set activities from your class teacher, and explore the website. How many points will you score this week?
  • Reading Eggs – Continue to complete the lessons on your reading eggs account and try accessing the online library to read different stories.
  • Mathletics website:
  • Reading Eggs website:



Topic Activities:

  • Look outside your window. What signs of Spring can you spot? Can you see any blossom or buds?.
  • Put on a show for your family. Will you sing, dance, or tell some jokes?
  • Look up a playdough recipe. With a grown-up, collect the ingredients and make some playdough.
  • Fill a container with water. What objects can you find that sink and which objects float?
  • Fill 5 glasses with water. Watch what happens when you add each of these things: sugar, oil, tea, coffee, and squash.
  • Crete a warm soapy bath for your favourite toys. Squeeze them thoroughly before leaving them to dry.
  • Ask an adult to help you to draw around your body, either using chalk outside or on a large piece of paper or on the back of some wrapping paper? Can you label all of your body parts?



PE & Mindfulness Useful Website Links:

  • Joe Wicks YouTube channel: Complete his daily children’s home work outs at 9.30am each day.


  • Joe Wicks 5 min kid's workouts:



  • Create an obstacle course for you to complete.


  • Write down some exercises (star jumps, squats, hops) on small pieces of paper and put them into a pot. Each time you pick one out, you must complete the exercise.


  • Real PE: 

The website address is

Parent email:  

Password: deanesfiel