Deanesfield Primary School

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Welcome to Year 5 - September 2019





When you come back to school, you will be in Year 5! You are moving through the Upper Years and will be playing an even more responsible role in School.


To prepare for the exciting curriculum that will be covered in Year 5, these are some suggestions for activities that could be done with your family over the summer holidays...


Books & Films:


You don't know what you're missing if you haven't read books by Michael Morpurgo, Anthony Horowitz, Philip Pullman and Roald Dahl - some of the worlds best authors!


Try and get your hands on books by the above authors and write a detailed review on your favourite book / author, explaining exactly what made the book 'unputdownable'.


What devices can you use to really engage the reader?


Visit Ruislip:


Visit your favourite landmark/park/area in Ruislip and take a picture of yourself with this place in the background. This could be accompanied by a write-up .


You can share this in in class discussions in our topic about comparing our local area with a location in North America. What characteristics could you compare and why?


Shape Up!:


How many different 2D shapes do you know?


Create a colourful design on A4 or A3 size paper with repeated patterns using a variety of 2D shapes, experimenting with sizes and orientation. If you're proud of your creation, bring it into school to show everyone in class.


Visit a Botanical Garden:


In Year 5, we will be learning more about the Life Cycle of Green Plants. It would be a great idea to visit a botanical garden (maybe Kew Gardens) or even a well tended park and have a look at a variety of green plants.


Try to understand what they need for healthy growth and how animals and plants are interdependent. What could help you?


Practise your Pottery Skills:


What a great idea it would be to practise your pottery skills.


In our topic on Ancient Greece, we will be looking at different types of pottery and using these to find out about life in the Ancient Greeks period.


We will be making our own clay pots and painting them, so these skills will be really useful.


We hope you have a wonderful Summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you return to School on: