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Week 6 - Week Beginning 11th May 2020

Reception Home Learning - Week 6 (11th May - 15th May)


Hi Reception! We hope you are having a great time completing all of your home learning activities and challenges that we have set. Be sure to watch our YouTube video each Monday  to support your home learning.


Why not try a new skill this week? Give some of these skills a go: tying your shoe-laces, making your bed, doing up a zip, folding clothes, turning clothes the right side out or even doing up shirt buttons.


We are really missing you and cannot wait to hear all about your week!

Bingo Challenge Grid – How many boxes will you cross off this week?


Use claps and clicks to create a pattern. What other actions can you add to make your pattern even more interesting?  Use this video to help you:


Draw two aliens called Obb and Bob. Obb loves to eat fake words and Bob loves to eat real words. Read these words and decide who gets to eat each word: 


goat, book, cow, shap, thin, paim, queen, chan, zung

Make some shape cards and put them around the room. Listen to your adult’s instructions: e.g. find the shape that has 3 sides, find the shape that has no corners and one curved side.

Read one of your story books. Then write some sentences to describe the main character in the story. How many WOW words can you include?

Roll 1 or 2 dice and count the number of dots that they land on. Make a pile of objects that is one more and another that is one less than the number shown. You could use cereal, Lego or grapes. 

Using a flower take apart the different parts and name the:





 Make your own paintbrushes using pegs and different materials. Test them out!

Write each of these words on plastic bottles: he, she, we, me, be, my, was, they, her, all, are, you

Throw a ball or hoop and read out the tricky words on the bottles that it has landed on or knocked over.

What do plants need to grow?


- Air

- Sunlight

 - Nutrients from the soil

- Warmth

- Water


Plant some seeds. Make sure that your plant gets all of the things it needs to grow.

Four Seasons Handprint Trees. 

What colours will you use for each season.

ar,  sh,  th,  ai,  oa,  ng,  ch,  oo,  qu,  ear


Write these sounds on small pieces of paper and spread them out on the floor. When your adult says a sound find it as quickly as you can and hold it up.

Write the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on separate pieces of paper and lay them out on the floor. Throw an object onto two of numbers and add them together. Try again with different numbers.  

I Spy!

Write the words to match these pictures.

How many different ways can you think of to move around your room or garden? 


- Crawl

- Skip

 - Hop

 - Jump

 - Spin

 - Jog

Write a different number in each section of the egg box. Use tweezers to move the correct amount of small objects into each section.

1 Minute Challenge!


How many ____ can you name in a minute?


 - Animals

 - Fruits

 - Countries

 - Sports

- Books

Phonic Activities:

  • Listen to the phase 2 and 3 jolly phonics songs on YouTube.

  • Write each sounds in flour, glitter, sugar or using paints.
  • Watch Phase 2 Tricky Words:

  • Watch Phase 3 Tricky Words:

  • I, to, into, the, go, no, he, she, we, me, be, my, was, they, her, all, are, you. 

Write your tricky words on small pieces of paper and spread them out around your room or garden. When your adults says one of the tricky words, move to it in different ways e.g. skip, hop, jump etc.

  • Play schools with your favourite toys. Read them a story and teach them how to spell each of the tricky words.
  • Choose a picture from your favourite book and write a sentence to explain what is happening in the picture. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop at the end of a sentence.
  • Write a silly sentence about a boy, a pirate and a crab.
  • Play phase 2 or 3 game on Phonics Play :     

Username: march20 Password: home



Maths Activities:

  • Write the numbers 1 - 10 on small pieces of paper and put them into a container. Pick a number and make a pile that is one more than the number and one less than the number using small objects such as Lego, coins or pasta shells.
  • Make a list of things that are taller or shorter than you in your house.
  • Explore finding half by cutting fruit and vegetables into 2 equal pieces. You can choose to eat... or print. Dip the halves into paint and start printing. Can you create a pattern?
  • Luck dip! Put some pasta shells in a bowl. Pick up some pasta shells in each hand. Count how many you have picked up in each hand and add them together. Can you write it down as a number sentence?
  • Write the numbers 0 - 20 on small pieces of paper and spread them out on the floor. How quickly can you put them in order?
  • Work out these subtraction number sentences using drawings or objects to help you e.g. drawing 6 circles and then crossing out 3 to find your answer.

6 - 3 =        7 - 4 =        5 - 2 =         1 - 0 =         10 - 6 = 

  • On your next walk, try and count how many rainbows you spot in people's windows.
  • Pick 2 numbers from 0 - 10 and add them together using objects or a number line for support.
  • Put some food items in a bowl e.g. food or popcorn. Pick out two handfuls and compare the amounts - which groups and more and which group has less?.
  • Top Marks Maths Games:



Mathletics & Reading Eggs:

  • Usernames and passwords for both of these websites are found in the front of your child’s orange home challenge book.
  • Mathletics – complete any set activities from your class teacher, and explore the website. How many points will you score this week?
  • Reading Eggs – Continue to complete the lessons on your reading eggs account and try accessing the online library to read different stories.
  • Mathletics website:
  • Reading Eggs website:



Topic Activities:

  • Make a thank you card for someone who is helping us. This could be your postman, shop workers or delivery drivers etc.
  • Taste test... with some help from your adult, cover your eyes and taste the different food items given to you. Are they sweet or sour? Is it soft, hard or chewy? What food do you think it is?
  • Look at some pictures of when you were a baby. What can you do now that you couldn't do then? What more things would you like to learn how to do as you get older?
  • Practise learning a new skill. This could be folding clothes, doing up buttons, zipping up a hooded top or making your bed.
  • Collect twigs and resources when on your walk or from your garden to make a mini-beast house for all the bugs either in your garden or in a green space nearby.
  • Ask an adult to help you to draw around your body, either using chalk outside or on a large piece of paper or on the back of some wrapping paper? Can you label all of your body parts?



PE & Mindfulness Useful Website Links:

  • Joe Wicks YouTube channel: Complete his daily children’s home work outs at 9.30am each day.


  • Joe Wicks 5 min kid's workouts:



  • Create an obstacle course for you to complete.


  • Set a 1 minute timer. How many times can you do each of these activities in a minute?
    • star jumps
    • hops
    • touch your toes, then your head
    • squat jumps


  • Real PE: 

The website address is

Parent email:  

Password: deanesfiel