Deanesfield Primary School

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Ofsted Report

We are very proud to have received Ofsted's short inspection report from their visit to the school on 7th November 2017, which confirms their judgement that we are still a ‘Good’ school.


Our Ofsted visitors carried out a very short inspection, which is called a Section 8 Inspection where inspectors use Reception, Year 2 and Year 6 national assessment data to identify areas in which they think the school could improve further. It didn't however capture all the wider aspects of school life such as the outstanding behaviour of our pupils, our creative curriculum, our relationships with children, our care and guidance, and the rights respecting attitudes of our children to one another.  We did however informally receive very positive feedback in regard to all these areas, as well as the quality and provision of the children’s learning environments and the school grounds.


‘The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.‘

‘You, your senior team, staff and governors have high ambitions for the school and its pupils. The senior leadership team (SLT) is accurate and honest in its evaluation of the school and has clear and strategically sound plans to secure further improvements. They are also highly committed to the progress of pupils. Leaders at every level have ownership of the initiatives in place to deepen progress.


Your school trains and supports new teachers effectively, allowing them to evolve and thrive in the profession. Professional development opportunities are available for all staff, and these simultaneously drive forward school priorities.

A culture of positive challenge is provided by the governing body, which supports and holds the senior team to account. They have a clear understanding of areas of focus for the school and assist the senior team in their relentless drive for improvement.


All stakeholders are happy with and in the school. Pupils are proud of their learning community and genuinely enjoy the experience of learning. There is an engaging and positive learning environment, and the school celebrates the success of all of its pupils. Pupils are keen and enthusiastic readers who can articulate their opinions in a creative manner.

‘Safeguarding is effective.’


This is a fantastic achievement, especially given that we are a very large primary school with nearly 700 pupils, covering 3 phases of education: Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and we serve a range of needs including our Specialist Resource Provision for children with speech and communication needs.


Since our previous Inspection in 2013, the new inspection framework has got much tougher resulting in many schools dropping a category from good to requires improvement so we are delighted not only to have maintained our ‘good’ judgement but also that it was very clear from the inspection that the school has continued to improve in every aspect. In fact, had we been inspected under the previous framework, we are in no doubt that we would have been judged ‘outstanding’, the highest level of accreditation.


Thank you to everyone for your support . What we have achieved is a mark of the way in which all of us; children, parents & carers and staff work together. I know you don’t need an Ofsted visit to reassure you of the quality of this school, as your children are the greatest ambassadors of our values and beliefs. I can assure you that the Deanesfield team will continue to work hard to achieve and surpass the recommendations of the short report and make this an even better school for your children.

Ms O’Sullivan