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Easter Activities - 6th - 17th April 2020

Reception Home Learning - Easter Activities 

(6th April - 17th April)


Hi Reception!

We hope that you have all enjoyed your home learning activities over the last couple of weeks. During the Easter holidays we would like you to rest, play and enjoy spending quality time with your families.

As a fun Easter challenge why not create a map to show where the cheeky Easter Bunny has hidden all of the delicious Easter Eggs around your very own magical kingdom? Is one under the sparkling fairy pond? Or can one be found next to the roaring dragon?

As we know that you have been working hard creating repeated patterns we would like you to design an Easter Egg using a repeating pattern. What colours or shapes will you use?

Have a go at making an Easter card for your family – remember to use your robot arms to help you sound out those tricky words!

Hope that you all have a lovely break!