Deanesfield Primary School

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Welcome to Year 4 - September 2019





When you come back to school, you will be in Year 4!


To prepare for the exciting curriculum that will be covered in Year 4, we have given you some suggestions for activities that could be done with your family over the summer holidays...


Healthy Living:


We will be learning about the body and how to keep active and healthy. Keep an exercise and food diary throughout your holidays. The more adventurous activities the better!




We will learn all about the history of transport. Take a trip on public transport and describe your journey. Design your own luxury transport machine.




Get started on learning all your times tables. Play some games on Mathletics. What is the highest score you can achieve?


When you go shopping, work out how much it costs and how much change you should get.


Throughout the day read the time on analogue and digital clocks. Think of a problem involving time for someone in your family.




Something to look forward to... we will be going swimming once a week from September!




In Year 4 you will be studying the Anglo-Saxons.


On your holidays, you may go to places where you can still see some ancient buildings. If you do, make a note of the name of the town.


If you are in the library you can look at some history books that will tell you about Anglo-Saxons. You may want to draw a few pictures of Alfred the Great. Why was he so great?




Visit places where chocolate is used, e.g. Cadbury World, Choccywoccydodah, Indulge, etc. Explain why people love it so much. What is your favourite chocolate treat? Design a poster to advertise it.




Try to make music with a different pitch. How were you able to do this? Explore your house; are you able to make music from everyday objects?


Be Adventurous!


Try one thing that you've never done before. Keep a journal and record different events over the holidays. When did you do it? Where were you? Who was with you? It could be that you go on a ride at the funfair that you've always been scared of. It could be that you have tried a different food that you've never eaten before. Be adventurous!


We hope you have a wonderful Summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you return to School on: