Deanesfield Primary School

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Week 3 - Week Beginning 20th April 2020

Year 3 Home Learning - Week 3 (20th April - 24th April)


Weekly Grid Bingo!


Choose one activity for each topic every day. How many can you cross off by the end of the week?


Children can still use Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Times Table Rockstars freely.



Read out loud to yourself or someone at home for 20 minutes.


If you were in the position of the character how would you be feeling and why?

Read your book and write down 10 questions you could ask someone about the part you have just read. Read your book and find 10 words. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for these words. E.g Quiet- silent or fast- rapid

Read something new, something online or a newspaper.

Challenge: Summarise what you have read.

Read a chapter of your book and find all the time adverbials you can e.g. First, Then, After that


Carry on writing your diary across this week telling your teachers everything you have been up to.

Remember it is in chronological order and past tense.

Listen to the audio story of ‘St George and the Dragon’.



Create a comic strip to show the story. 

Challenge: Can you include sentences to summarise?

Imagine a dragon has come and taken your favourite toys at home.

Write a letter persuading him to give them back to you. Why do you need them back? Why are they special?

Research an animal of your choice. Create a non-chronological report (a fact file) about it. Include: Where does it live? What does it eat? What does it look like? How does it move?

Use the link below for pobble 365.

Can you come up with an exciting story about the picture?



Complete some Mathletics  activities based on telling the time.

Challenge: Can you include the time you did things in your ongoing diary entries?

Go on a hunt around your houseList as many objects as you can that are shaped like a: triangle, square and circle

Have a look at the TV guide. Pick 5 of your favourite programmes

A. When did they start?

B. How long did they last?

C. How much time would it take to watch all of them together?


Think about all the properties of 2D shapes e.g. square = 4 sides, 4 corners, straight edges, 4 right angles. Continue to practise your times tables. Create your own times table song, rap or poem to remember them. You could even add in some moves!


Using leaves, blossom and anything you can find outside on your daily walk, create a collage about Spring Time.

Use the internet to research the parts of a plant and draw a labelled diagram to show this

Challenge: Can you explain what a plant needs to survive?

Create a map of a walk you have previously done. E.g. walk to school- park- shops.

Label what you saw e.g. buildings, cars, trees etc

Create a quiz based on capital cities in Europe. 

Can you include the flags or landmarks from these countries?

Draw a picture of the animal you have researched in their habitat.

Can you experiment with shading?


1 Minute Challenge:

How many squats can you do?

How many lunges can you complete?

How many tuck jumps can you do?

How many different letters of the alphabet can you make with your body.

Can you spell out your name?

Get on your dancing shoes and learn a dance from Strictly’s Oti Mabuse.


Challenge: Make up a dance to teach someone at home.

Jump as high as you can in the air and make different shapes with your body.

How many different shapes can you make?

For the length of one of your favourite songs, make a list of all the things you are proud of and that make you smile.


Have a go at creating your own graphic score!

Try to use a combination of big and small shapes / lines.

Keep changing your drawing to see how it sounds different!


For ICT, if you have access to a computer, I would like you to open Microsoft Word (or pages if you use a Mac at home) and use the shapes tools to create a colourful poster.

I would like it to have a rainbow theme or it could be about thanking the NHS.

If you don't have a computer, why not try it on paper. You could stick the finished posters in your windows at home for people to see as they walk past. Make it as bright and colourful as you can. 



Spanish home learning:


This term, we will also be learning more about Spain and the Spanish language. Have a look at the presentation below to learn about St George in Spanish!