Deanesfield Primary School

Dream, Believe, Achieve... And Make A Difference!

Week 5 - Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Year 5 Home Learning - Week 5 (4th May - 8th May 2020)

Year 5 - Weekly Bingo Tasks (4th - 8th May 2020)



Write a recipe and instructions to your dream sandwich - you could even make the sandwich and include pictures in your recipe! Remember to use those modal verbs and time adverbials!

Write a food blog of all your favourite foods or recipes. You could write about when you ate a special meal or making your favourite meal. 


Check out Chef Grace for inspiration!


Find a delicious recipe from a book at home or online.


Write down the key words that make it sound like a recipe. You will probably find some modal verbs and adverbs!

Read a fiction book (from home or on Readings Eggs). Write down every time a food is mentioned in your book. You may be surprised by how often authors write about food!


How many foods can you find in your home that start with the letter 'b'? (You can choose any letter you like).


Write down a list of foods and then ask an adult to check your spelling.

Choose some recipe related words from your Year 5 spelling list. Can you include them in your recipe?


Make sure you spell them correctly!


Can you cook a meal (with adult assistance) and write down the instructions including the timings of each dish? Add the minutes it takes to prepare the food and then cook it. Write down your answer in minutes and hours.

Design a set menu, including the cost of each dish. You can present this however you would like to.


Can you get the set menu to cost exactly £10? None of the items should be equal to a whole pound.


Will it Sink or Float?


Ask an adult if you can borrow different types of fruit and vegetables from your fridge. Drop each item into a clean bowl of water to see if they sink or float! (Make sure the water is clean so you can still eat them afterwards).


Before you do the experiment, predict which you think will sink or float.


Look up the words density and buoyancy. How can these words help you explain your experiment?

Topic (Geography & Art)

Make a model of a restaurant showing how you would design it if you owned it. Imagine that you can do anything! It could be anywhere - space, under water, on a beach or even on top of a mountain!

Create a poster advertising your restaurant. Think about the language you need to use to be super persuasive.


Choose your favourite Joe Wicks exercises and practise them. Can you teach them to a family member? Remember to make sure they warm up before they start and cool down when they have finished.

Put on your favourite song and dance to it. You could ask someone at home to join you!


It's important that during this time we stay healthy and happy.


Create an information leaflet explaining to young children why they should eat healthily. You could give some examples of foods they could eat.

Help an adult at home to make a meal for everyone in your home. As your eat the meal, ask everyone around the table what they are grateful for.