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Week 10 - Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Year 1 Home Learning - Week 10 (15th - 19th June 2020)

English Grid Activities


Rainbow handwriting!


Practise these words in your best cursive handwriting using rainbow colours!


  • push
  • pull
  • full
  • house
  • are


On the 8th of June it was World Ocean Day.

Create a fact file on an animal you would find in the ocean!


Watch this video clip to find out more.



Where are the dragons going?

Use your senses to describe the setting!

Are these the only three dragons that exist, or are there more?

If you had a pet baby dragon, how would you look after it?




The One For All


Watch this video and retell Geoff’s story.





Complete the under the sea word search.



Challenge: Can you make your own ocean themed wordsearch?


Complete the reading task:





Topic Grid Activities


Here are a few ideas of some fun things you can enjoy doing at home.




The famous authour and illustrator Rob Biddulph has created lots of videos teaching us how to draw some of his famous charecters.

Have a go at following one of his step by step guides.







Talk to your family or a friend about something that has made you happy recently.


You can draw a picture or write about it too!


A video about happy news!










Find out all about Asia with the Oak Academy.










Try some yoga this week!





Find out all about Gandhi!







Go on a nature walk and record what you saw.





Computing home learning:

Hi Year 1, 

This week, I've got a game for you to play. You don't need to log in, you can just play this at home. It's a game where you give directions for a character to get through the maze. Use arrows to tell the character which way to go.


Have fun playing!

Mrs Fraser

Religious Education (R.E.) home learning:

Hello Year 1!

This term in RE we looking at Special Books.

The Jewish holy book is called the Torah. Watch the video and see how the Torah is written in Hebrew on a scroll (a roll of paper). Listen carefully to the story about Rebecca. How is she kind?

Challenge:Can you make a scroll (roll up some paper)? On your scroll can you draw a picture or write some ways that you can show kindness to others.

Mrs Westall

Music home learning:

Have a go at playing this tune (attached file) on the virtual piano!

The notes on the piano are labelled so follow the words on the sheet and play the note shown above the words. If you're finding it tricky, try singing along to help you remember the rhythm of the melody! If you have a real piano/keyboard/glockenspiel at home, try to use that as well. 

Mr Owen