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Week 4 - Week Beginning 27th April 2020

Year 3 Home Learning - Week 4 (27th April - 1st May)

Weekly Grid Bingo!


Choose one activity for each topic every day. How many can you cross off by the end of the week?


Children can still use Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Times Table Rockstars freely.



Read out loud to yourself or someone at home for 20 minutes.



Create a character profile of someone from the story. Draw what the character looks like and include their traits.

Read your book and write down 5 things you could change about the part that you have just read. Why would you change them and what would it do to the story?

Read your book and find 5 words. Can you think of a set of words that rhyme with them? Eg. Fun – run, clapping - snapping, round – sound.



Can you put both words into a sentence?

Read something new, something online or a newspaper.


Challenge: Summarise what you have read.

Read a chapter of your book and find all the adverbs you can e.g. softly, quietly, happily, angrily


Carry on writing your diary across this week telling your teachers everything you have been up to.

Remember it is in chronological order and past tense.

Recap the story of George and the Dragon and write a newspaper article about the day George slayed the dragon. 


Complete the features of the instructions lesson from the National Academy.





Create a set of freeze-frames for the key points of the George and the Dragon story e.g. George drawing his sword during the battle

Challenge: Think carefully about your body language and facial expressions.

Use the link below for pobble 365.

Can you come up with an exciting story about the picture?



Create a poster about how to tell the time. Make sure you include the clock face, the hour and the minutes hands, and which side is past and which side is to.

Complete some Mathletics  activities on the properties of shapes.

Check the time at 3 points during the day. Write down the time in analogue and digital and then write down what time it would be and hour before and an hour after.


Find 10 objects indoors or outdoors and write down which 3D shape they are. e.g. Pringles can = cylinder, Football = sphere etc.

Create a board or card game that helps you to learn your times tables.

Make sure you remember to include the inverse.


Call an elderly friend or relative and talk to them about how your local area has changed over the years. Make notes on the differences and similarities.

On a phone/tablet, download the Flag Quiz (free) and have a go at guessing the flags of the world. 

Create a comic strip showing the life cycle of a plant. Make sure it is in the correct order. Challenge: Write down why each stage is important.

Research Earth Day and create a poster about what it is, why it's important and which global goals it links to. 

Challenge: Create a catchphrase to persuade people to join in.

Create a thank you card for any key workers that you know: 

e.g. nurses, shop workers, teachers, delivery drivers.

Use as many bright colours as you can!



Hold your body in the plank position for as long as you can. Note down how long you managed it and compare it with your family and friends.

1 Minute Challenge:

How many hops can you do in a minute?

How many hops did you do before you had to swap legs?

Throw a ball in the air and count how many claps you can do before you catch it.

Turn it into a competition with your family.

With your eyes closed, listen carefully to every sound you can hear. After one minute, open your eyes and make a list of everything you heard.

Manage your feelings: Get a jar and fill it with water and a spoonful of glitter. When you are angry or upset, shake it as hard as you can and watch it until the glitter has settled.


For ICT, if you have access to a computer, I would like you to open Microsoft Word (or pages if you use a Mac at home) and use the shapes tools to create a colourful poster.

I would like it to have a rainbow theme or it could be about thanking the NHS.

If you don't have a computer, why not try it on paper. You could stick the finished posters in your windows at home for people to see as they walk past. Make it as bright and colourful as you can. 



This term in RE we are going to be looking at religious journeys. Think about a special journey that you have been on. Where did you go? What did you do? How long did you stay? What did you need to take with you? Draw a suitcase with all the things you need for your journey inside. Label your picture carefully. Have fun!


Create a poster to show all the musical terminology you have learnt so far this year! Make it as colourful and artistic as you can and try to find somewhere to display it in your home. Fit in as many words as you can but don't worry if you don't have space for all of them. The music powerpoint (see below) for this week will give you some clues to help you remember what all of the words mean.​

Spanish home learning:
This term, we will also be learning more about Spain and the Spanish language. Have a look at the presentation below to learn about St George in Spanish!

Sant Jordi (St George)

Learn about the famous festival and legend of "Sant Jordi" in Barcelona.