Deanesfield Primary School

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Welcome to Year 6 - September 2019





When you come back to school, you will be in Year 6! You will be in your final year of Primary School and will be taking on an even more responsible role.


To prepare for the exciting curriculum that will be covered in Year 6, these are some suggestions for activities that could be done with your family over the summer holidays...


Has there ever been a better time to live?


Our first topic is all about investigating the different periods of history and looking at the changes in society including: fashion, crime and punishment and technology.


Pick a decade from the 1920's to present day to explore and create a fact file from your research. What aspects will you research and what devices will you use to really hook and grip in the reader?


Visits: Have you ever visited the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum?


If you get a chance, go this holiday!


Get hands-on knowledge of the different concepts we will be covering in Science in Year 6 which include: electrical circuits, classifying living organisms, the adaptation and evolution of animals, the circulation system and space.


Make a fascinating Science Fact File and consider what audience you will be aiming at.




One of our first English units is creating images with poetry.


Get creative by exploring effective vocabulary by describing the outdoors or different landmarks in a poem. How will you use your senses to build rich imagery for the reader?


History of Art:


As part of our research into the 20th Century, we will be exploring Art throughout the ages.


Pick an artist and create a painting or picture in their style. Some ideas of exciting artists to research are: Picasso, Monet and Matisse.




To help our learning in the classroom, it would be fantastic if we could compile a class book list to help others choose exciting books to read throughout the year.


Write an exciting book review about books that have gripped you throughout your summer holiday!


We hope you have a wonderful Summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you return to School on: