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Week 3 - Week Beginning 20th April 2020

Year 4 Home Learning - Week 3 (20th April - 24th April)


Weekly Grid Bingo!


Choose one activity for each topic every day. How many can you cross off by the end of the week? You may record your work in any way you like. E.g. on paper, in a notepad or in your Home Learning book.


Don't forget, children can still use Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Times Table Rockstars freely.



Read something new from a magazine, newspaper or online. Write down any words you don’t know the meaning of and try to find the meaning.

Complete a Reading Eggspress activity. How many eggs can you earn? Read a book aloud to yourself or to someone at home and practise using different expressions and voices for different characters. Can you show how they are feeling using your voice?

Choose a news article to read from the link below. Write a summary of the article you read.

Challenge: Can you draw a picture to go with your summary?



To celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday this week, choose a BBC ‘Shakespeare Retold’ story. Listen to the story and create an alternative ending to the story



Write a poem to all of the keyworkers. You might want to use an acrostic poem to spell out words like THANK YOU or HERO. 


Challenge: Can you include some rhyming words?

Click the link to a Pobble 365 picture and write a setting description for the scene.



Remember to include: senses, fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and varied sentence lengths.

Write a conversation that happened between two people in your house. Try and vary your speech layout.

"“What are you making for dinner tonight Mum?” Charlie yelled. Mum replied with a grin on her face, “You’re going to be cooking tonight!”.

Can you vary the layout of the speech?


Create a tally chart of items made of different materials you find around your house (eg, wood, metal, plastic)


Challenge: Can you present it in a bar chart?

Practise your times tables and create a dance to go with your chosen tables.


 Challenge: Can you do the dance backwards while you do the inverse?

Click the link below and choose UK. See how many different ways you can create £1.  Can you create different calculations? 



Look at a clock or watch at different times of the day. Convert the time into 12 hour and 24 hour.


Create a poster, fact file or biography to explain who St George was and why he is considered as a significant person.

Create a map of your local area. Think about journeys that you make to school or to the park.


 Challenge: Can you identify man-made and natural features?

Create a new set of armour for St George to wear. Think about different materials you would use and why. 


Challenge: Create a new shield to go with the armour and design a crest to go on it. Can you explain why you chose this design?

Look outside a window; draw a sketch of what you can see. Think about how different times of the day would change the scene.


Reflect on your sketch, how does it make you feel?


Create a 5-minute workout routine.


How many different exercises can you include?

Take time to relax and stretch out all the muscles in your body.

Complete a Joe Wicks workout.





Write a letter or postcard to a teacher or a friend telling them something you have enjoyed doing this week.


Have a go at creating your own graphic score!

Try to use a combination of big and small shapes / lines.

Keep changing your drawing to see how it sounds different!

Have fun! Mr Owen.


Hi Year 4! This week we are looking at digimaps again.

I would like you to find out how our local area has changed over time.

To do this, first log in to digimaps for school, using the username ha40lr  (remember the 0 is a zero) and password: smides7219
Then once you are in, pick a location. You could pick your house, school or a local landmark, like the Sainsburys or Asda in South Ruislip. Once you have found your landmark, zoom in and use the map selector tool to switch between now, the 1950s and the 1890s.

Can you find 3 differences between how it was and how it is now? Tell someone in your house how the local area has changed. Do you think it has changed for the worse or for the better? Why?

Why do you think it has changed so much?
If you can't get the map selector tool to work, it is because it only works on certain levels of zoom. Try zooming in more to a specific point on the map.

Have fun! Mrs Fraser.


Spanish home learning:


Have a go at some new Spanish learning!