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Ufton Court Residential Trip - Updates


Friday 1st March 2024:

Noah, Samara, Ina, Kaelan, Giulia & Bakhtaawar: We had a yummy breakfast and packed our cases this morning. We are sad to be going home because we've had such a great time here and it was very good being independent and feeling more grown up. It was also a great experience for us all and we enjoyed being together like a big Deanesfield family!


Our morning activity is preparing for an exciting pretend battle between the Spartans and Persians and we are getting into different roles for our exciting drama. There was a plot twist at the end too but we were all victorious at the end!



Thursday 29th February 2024:

We have really been immersed in the life of an Ancient Greek today. We have traded at the Agora Market and made our own bow and arrows this morning.

This afternoon, we took part in some Olympic Games and are really looking forward to our feast tonight.


Bethany, Mollie, Rani, Daniel & Vinny: It's been exciting sleeping away from home and the food is top notch tasty! There is lots to choose from and we are nice and full from our breakfast this morning. We are dizzy with excitement for our activities todays!


Noah, Lily, Ali, Theon & Hugo: We are being creative making our own bows. We love archery and this makes us proud because we did this independently.


Logan, Ayyan & Matt: It was fun doing partner work and working as a team. The knots were a bit tricky but we felt great when we cracked it.


Amelia, Viaan & Puneeth: We got to launch our arrows outside with 3 shots aiming with the thinner end of the willow like real Ancient Greeks!


Amra, Bakhtaawar, Rayaan & Eve: Market selling in Ancient Greek times was great fun! We enjoyed the challenge, trading and trying to make the most profit. It was really interesting to see the things they bought at that time as it was really different to the things we buy today!


Kaelan, Ali & Kaylen: We really like learning about life in Sparta and how they sold their strength as well as different things at their markets. It was interesting to use the objects to barter and get a good deal on your goods. It was really busy and great fun!


Frank, Amelia, Aanya, Riya, Smaran, Taania, Hailie & Anjana: We learnt different activities in the Olympic Games and it was great to be competitive. We really loved the running and wrestling with Lego hands! The racing was fun and we worked as a team to encourage each other.


Gain, Vanora, Callum, Ina, Josh, & Shayden: The Olympics is like Sports Day but Ancient Greek style! It makes us better athletes and we could support each other whilst being competitive.


Logan, Arianna, Ayyan, Isiah, Isabelle, Hugo, Ellis & Oscar: We got to take part in the Olympics altogether and everyone was happy being a great team. The activities were amazing and everyone tried their best even if they did not win. The javelin and disc throwing has been around for thousands of years and was especially fun because we are good at it!




Wednesday 28th February 2024:

We have arrived at Ufton Court and are settling into our accommodation. We are really excited and are looking forward to the planned activities ahead!


This morning, we were involved in learning how to be a Spartan soldier and storytelling while exploring the grounds and then after lunch, we settled into our rooms and looked at 'Crime and Punishment' in Greek times and played some Greek games.


Frank & Kaelan: The front of the house was ancient and awesome inside. There is so much for us to see and do!


Benji, Anehan & Noah: The journey was long but worth it to arrive at such a magnificent mansion. We are so excited about the adventures we are going to have!


Vanora & Bethany: The grounds are impressive and people in Ancient Greek clothes greeted us when we arrived. It was like stepping back in time!


CJ, Jaxson, Frank, Oscar & Reggie: During the 'Spartan' training, we became soldiers and made different formations. The spears were even bigger than us! We trained hard and ran to the hedge as an extra challenge to improve our fitness.


Gain, Taania & Arianna: The Ancient Greek stories were interactive, adventurous and great fun. We liked it when we were running around and freezing the underworld slaves!


Callum, Logan, Ellis & Josh: We liked exploring the grounds; they are huge and green. The food is delicious and we had lunch together. Compliments to the chef!


Hailie, Bakhtaawar & Aanya: We enjoyed playing outside and learning about Ancient Greek gods and goddesses! There are so many fun games and riddles for us to solve; they were mind boggling!


Ina, Rayaan, Anjana & Riya: Learning more about history was very exciting and we are learning in an engaging way by playing games, getting into character and getting lots of fresh air. Hanging out with our friends is the best!


Mollie, Rani & Samara: The whole of Ufton Court is amazzzing. We've walked around the house and grounds and we even saw some animals and birds! It was so nice to explore a new place!


Vinny, Daniel, Abbas & Aryan: We are learning about Ancient Greek myths and understanding them more by getting into role and playing different parts.


Eve, Sami, Noah, Matt, Guilia & Bella: It was great fun exploring our rooms and it was hard work making our beds, but really worth it as the beds are nice, soft and cosy. We get to share with our friends too. We have had some chilling time with our friends, playing different games including football and Hide & Seek as well as letting off steam. We feel really calm too because we are in the countryside and there is no traffic or noise.


Isabelle, Amiyah, Shay, Vianna, Hugo & Callum: We've had a fun day and had plenty of food

including a snack to give us plenty of energy so that we can explore this wonderful place. There is a massive playground and loads of green space to run around!


Oscar, Isabella, Loukas & Shayden: We created a piece of drama about an Ancient Greek courtroom and we learnt about what happened to people if they were found guilty of crimes such as stocks, exile, losing your right to vote, paying a fine and going to prison. It was very funny because we got to play different parts, make upi evidence to explain different crimes and persuade the magistrates if the person was innocent or guilty. Everyone got to cast a secret vote but the magistrates could also vote. It was exciting making up our own minds and then waiting for the verdict!





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