Deanesfield Primary School

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Week 2 - Week Beginning 30th March 2020

             Year 5 Home Learning - Week 2 (30th March - 3rd April)



Write a weekly family newsletter for an elderly relative to keep them in the loop

Write a song using some of the new wow vocabulary you have learnt this year.


Create some top trumps using characters from a book that you have read.

Read a cookbook and follow the instructions to create dinner for your family.


Create a board game that will help you and others learn key spellings (Year 5 spelling list).

Have a spelling competition with your family using the words for Year 5. (If you have younger siblings, they can use the words they must know for their year group).


Bake/cut up 2 types of food and split it into a fraction. Add the two fractions you have together using the method you have learnt in school.

Create a tally chart of your family’s favourite_________ and show the results on a graph. (You could ring up other relatives and friends to find out... after asking an adult for permission).


Create a fair test at home that explores materials or forces. (You could recreate an experiment we have done in school and compare your results).

Grow some flowers/vegetables and observe what changes it goes through as it grows through the weeks.

Topic (History & Art)

Research a woman and a man in history who made a significant discovery/contribution to society. Did they have to overcome any obstacles to get there?

Make some animal sculptures out of salt dough. Maybe you can choose some animals from the rainforest we have learnt about.


Find a Zumba video on YouTube and try to follow it.

Get some balls/oranges (or round objects that can be thrown) and try and learn how to juggle. Start off with 2, then try 3!


Every day, write a positive quote and stick it somewhere in your house for your whole family to see.

Do an act of kindness for each of your family members. For each act of kindness, put a marble in a jar. How many marbles can you get by the end of the week?