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Week 11 - Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Reception Home Learning - Week 11 (22nd - 26th June)


Hi Reception! This week is the second week of our 'Under the Sea' theme! We have got even more home challenges for you to try based on under the sea! Try as many of the fun bingo challenges as can!


Remember to email pictures of your under the sea-themed work into so that we can see all of your creative and imaginative hard work! You might even spot some of your in the Friday Flyer!


We are really missing you and cannot wait to hear all about your week!

Bingo Challenge Grid – How many boxes will you cross off this week?

Can you create different movements to show different sea creatures? Perform a movement and see if other people in your house can guess the sea creature.


Play noughts and crosses with tricky words. As you choose a square read the tricky word.




Watch this video about sea pollution. Make a poster to explain why people shouldn’t throw their rubbish into the sea and why oceans need to be looked after.

There are 16 fish swimming in the sea. The fish are yellow, red and green. 5 fish are red, 6 fish are green, how many are yellow?

Can you help Merissa Mermaid to make her tail waterproof? Explore different materials by placing them in a bowl of water. Which ones make the water run off? Which ones soak up the water?

.com/ watch?v=



The Rainbow Fish gave away his most prized possession, his scales. What is your most prized possession? Draw a picture of it and write a sentence to explain why it is so special.








Follow the instructions to make salt dough and create a star fish. What other salt dough sea creatures can you make? How will you decorate them?

You are at the beach and you meet a magical talking dolphin. Write a short story about an adventure you would go on together.

.com/ watch?v=



The Rainbow Fish had to learn how to be a good friend. Make a list of qualities that make a good friend.

Read these sentences then draw a picture to match each one:


Mark and Carl got wet in the rain.


I can hear an owl hoot at night.


I can see a pair of boots on the mat.


It has been hot this year.


Design your very own sea creature. Will it have fins or maybe even multi-coloured scales? Label the different parts of your sea creature using WOW words e.g. huge, round eyes.

Play crab football in your garden or at the park. Make up your own rules. Maybe you are only allowed to move sideways or you have to be in a crab position.

0, 2, 4, 6, 8 put the even numbers on the plate. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 hang the odd numbers on the line. Write all of the even numbers on a paper plate and peg all of the odd numbers on string to match the rhyme.




 Watch 'The Door Bell Rang'.

Act out the story by sharing a number of cookies between different numbers of people.

1. Take a red pepper and turn it upside down place a raisin on two cocktail sticks and put them on the pepper to make octopus eyes.


2. Take another red pepper and cut it into strips to make 8 octopus legs.


3. Hollow out another bell pepper and fill it with hummus.


4. Carefully chop the rest of the vegetables strips.


5. Place all of the chopped-up vegetables and salad onto the platter, as well as the hummus-filled pepper.


6. Enjoy eating the delicious vegetables with a hummus dip.



Suggested Structured Timetable:

09:30 – 10:00: Phonic Activity from the Bingo Grid or from ideas below.

10:00 – 10:30: Exercise Time

10:30 – 11:00: Free Time

11:00 – 11:30: Maths or English Activity from the Bingo Grid or from ideas below.

11:30 – 13:00: Lunch Time

13:00 – 13:30: Bingo Activity

13:30 – 14:00: Reading Eggs or Mathletics

14:00 – 14:30: Topic Activity from the Bingo Grid or from ideas below.

14:30 – 15:00: Read a storybook, complete a fun craft, or exercise activity.



Phonic / Writing Activities:

  • Listen to the phase 2 and 3 jolly phonics songs on YouTube.

  • Write a real or fake word for each of the sounds. Sort them into a treasure chest if they are real and bin if they are fake!
  • Watch Phase 2 Tricky Words:

  • Watch Phase 3 Tricky Words:

  • Write each of these words on the floor outside with chalk: he, she, we, me, be, my, was, they, her, all, are, you. Ask an adult to play some music and run from word to word and when the music stops read the word that you land on.
  • Read a story about animals. Look at the animal characters in the story. Can you think of how they are different to real animals?
  • Imagine that you have found a magic shell. Draw a picture and write a sentence to tell us what your wish would be.
  • Draw a picture of a sea creature and find out three facts about it to create a fact file.
  • Create an account and read lots of fun phase 2 and 3 books online for free!
  • Play phase 2 or 3 game on Phonics Play :     

Username: march20 Password: home



Maths Activities:

  • Hold up five fingers, a giant dotty dice or a large numeral and ask the children to show you that number in different ways. Put out lots of different things which children can use to show the numbers, including countable items like conkers, small world toys, large blocks, dot images like dice and dominoes, things in packs like egg boxes and crayon cartons, number lines and 100 squares. Try again with different numbers.
  • Set up a pirate shop where pirates are only allowed ten pounds each and all pieces of treasure cost one pound. How much have you spent so far? How much have you got left? How many more do you need to buy to have ten? If you buy those two jewels, how much will you have spent? How much will you have left? How do you know?
  • Watch the story One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab on YouTube. Draw your own animal pictures and write the matching number sentences to add the feet. E.g. 4 + 2 = 6


  • Play this fun game to practise one more and one less:



Mathletics & Reading Eggs:

  • Usernames and passwords for both of these websites are found in the front of your child’s orange home challenge book.
  • Mathletics – complete any set activities from your class teacher, and explore the website. How many points will you score this week?
  • Reading Eggs – Continue to complete the lessons on your reading eggs account and try accessing the online library to read different stories.
  • Mathletics website:
  • Reading Eggs website:



Topic Activities:



PE & Mindfulness Useful Website Links:

  • Joe Wicks YouTube channel: Complete his daily children’s home work outs at 9.30am each day.


  • Joe Wicks 5 min kid's workouts:




  • Race against someone in your house! You will need 2 buckets or large containers each and a sponge each. Fill up one bucket per person and place them at one end of your garden or outdoor area and the empty bucket at the opposite end. When the time starts the aim is to transfer all of the water from one bucket to the other just using the sponge as quickly as possible! Who will win?


  • Real PE: 

The website address is

Parent email:  

Password: deanesfiel