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Weeks 3 - 4 (20th April - 1st May 2020)

 Year 1 Home Learning - Weeks 3 & 4 (20th April - 1st May 2020)


Whilst you are at home, why don’t you try some of these fantastic activities focusing on our learning about the weather?



  • Writing a non-fiction informative page/book about weather.
  • Writing a weather poem (e.g. shape, acrostic, rhyming, riddle).
  • Keeping a weather diary and recording your findings in a tally chart or table. Can you create a pictogram?
  • Writing and acting out your own weather report for your family. You could create a map of the UK as your own green screen!
  • Comparing the temperatures and different types of weather in different countries. Can you create a factfile about the different countries?
  • Making your own instruments to sound like the weather - create a song that you can teach to your family!
  • Create your own weather game (e.g. Snap, board games etc.). Can you write instructions explaining how to play the game?
  • Making a wind sock or even using an old plastic bottle to measure water levels. Can you write instructions for how to make your instrument or wind sock?
  • Designing clothes for hot or cold weather. Can you work out how much the outfit will cost? Create a poster to advertise your new clothing line! Maybe your could host your own fashion show but don't forget to create tickets to invite your family!
  • Finding out about animals and the weather they are most suited to. Can you sort these animals into different groups and label their features? Can you write an explanation as to how you sorted them?
  • Finding out how weather affects the food that we eat - you could design your own healthy meal and create your own recipes!
  • Writing a story (e.g. ‘The Stormy Day’).
  • Finding out about how weather changes in each season - can you create a piece of art inspired by this?
  • Finding out about weather around the world. Can you record your findings in a fact file?
  • Create a piece of art inspired by the weather around you. Can you use shade and tone?
  • Experiment with hot and cold colours to show different weather.


Computing home learning:

Can you make a list of everything you have at home that connects to the internet? Ask your parents' help if you are not sure.

CHALLENGE: Can you write a sentence to say what life would be like if we didn't have the internet?


Religious Education (R.E.) home learning:

This term in RE, we are going to look at Special Books. Do you have a special story at home?

Can you find a story you love and share it with someone in your house? 

Look out for Mrs Westall's story video next week!

Music home learning:

Create a poster to show all the musical terminology you have learnt so far this year! Make it as colourful and artistic as you can and try to find somewhere to display it in your home. Fit in as many words as you can but don't worry if you don't have space for all of them. The music powerpoint attached for this week will give you some clues to help you remember what all of the words mean.

Spanish home learning:

Parts of the Face

Do you know your Spanish words for parts of the face? Practise with this next video!

Topic Grid Activities


Here are a few ideas of some fun things you can enjoy doing at home!



Practise your drawing skills. Log on to YouTube and type 'How to draw'. Practise drawing some of the different objects. Don't forget to sign your artwork underneath.

Make something scrummy with your grown-up and write a set of instructions to tell others how to make it.


Think of three acts of kindness to help others.


Write a card or a letter to someone you haven't been able to see for a while.

Play a board game with your family.

Look out of your window or go for a walk. Write or draw 5 things you see that make you smile.


Creative Grid Activities


Here are a few creative writing ideas you can enjoy doing at home.


Imagine what it would be like to have a friend that is a robot.

Imagine you have woken up in a world made of lego! Describe what it is like.


Invent a new animal. Describe what it looks like, how it moves and what it eats Is it a cuddly animal or a scary one? Is it a wild animal or a pet?

Imagine you are a penguin. Write a diary entry on a day in the life of a penguin.


Design and describe the perfect playground.


If pets could speak, what questions would you ask them? Write a list of questions you would ask a pet.