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Week 13 - Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Year 1 Home Learning - Week 13 (6th - 10th July 2020)

English Grid Activities


Log on to Oak Academy and complete the activity with Miss Browne.







Think of a place you have been to or a place you have read about in a story.


Write a postcard from your fantasy setting.



Complete a new challenge on Reading Eggs.


Challenge: Have a look in the online library and read a new book to a member of your family.


Complete the word search.


Challenge: Write some sentences using these words.



Watch the video ‘Embarked’.


If you could bring any object to life, what would it be and why?





Watch the video ‘Once in a lifetime’.


Have a go at writing the ending to the story. Where do the turtles take him?








Topic Grid Activities


Here are a few ideas of some fun things you can enjoy doing at home.




Try making a raised salt painting. You will need: • Glue • Paint • Salt • Cardbaord






We are going to be learning more about the important of being healthy.


Have a look at the powerpoint on the ‘Eatwell’ plate and then have a go at designing your own balanced plate!





Find out all about Antarctica with the Oak Academy.









Its cosmic yoga time!





Find out about the significant person Amelia Earhart on the Oak Academy.











Think about an animal habitat and have a go at completing the activity.



The national geographic kids YouTube page is an excellent resource for finding out about animals and their habitats.



Computing home learning:

Hi children,

Here's your computing challenge this week. You will need to use arrows to give the monkey directions to collect the treasure. Have fun!

Mrs Fraser

Religious Education (R.E.) home learning:

Hello Year 1!

This week we are going to hear a story from the Hindu religion. It is the story of Rama and Sita.

Watch the video:

Challenge: Rama and Sita were welcomed home with lots of candles or diva lamps. Can you draw and decorate a candle. Maybe you could make a row of candles like in the story to light the way home for Rama and Sita.

Mrs Westall

Music home learning:

Do you know the instruments in the orchestra? Listen carefully to each instrument playing and see if you can guess which instrument makes that kind of sound. You might want to have a few goes and see if you can do better each time!

Mr Owen