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Week 8 - Week Beginning 1st June 2020

Year 1 Home Learning - Week 8 (1st - 5th June 2020)

English Grid Activities


Create your own wordsearch using objects from around your house or using the Year 1 words in your diaries.

See how many words your grown-ups can find.


Read a story to a member of your family then have a go at acting it out. Maybe you could try to record your performance.



Play some games on Phonics play. See if you can beat your own score.  




Use your imagination to create a recipe for your own magic potion! You could go outside looking for some mystical objects to help you!


Imagine you are on the beach. Can you write a diary entry to share what you did? Remember you can use your senses to tell us what you saw, heard, smelt, tasted and touched!


Choose an animal in your head. Now write clues for your family to guess what it is. It should look like a riddle! For example:

I have four paws. I have two pointy ears. I have long silky whiskers. I meow loudly when I’m hungry! What am I?





Topic Grid Activities


Here are a few ideas of some fun things you can enjoy doing at home.


Fine Motor Skills (see printable resources)

For Geography this week have a go at finding out all about Australia. Visit the Oak Academy website and complete the online lesson on Australia. https://www.thenational.







Make a junk model using some of your recycling. Will you make a rocket? a car? or something else? Don’t forget to take a photo.


For History this week we are going to remind ourselves about the Significant Person Neil Armstrong! Complete the lesson below to learn more:






Can you make a paper strip rainbow?


Explore an outdoor area near to you. Collect different leaves from the trees around you. Can you use adjectives to describe them? Can you identify what is the same and what is different about the leaves from different trees? Can you find out what the tree is called? You can use the woodland trust website to help!






Computing home learning:

Hi Year 1, 

This week, I want you to think about how we can tell computers what to do. The "language" they use is called code, and there are lots of different types. It tells the computer what to do, when different keys are pressed. Here's a link to BBC Bitesize; watch the video and have a go at the game to learn more about what code is and what things can be programmed. Have fun! 


Mrs Fraser

Religious Education (R.E.) home learning:

Hello Year 1!

This term in RE we looking at Special Books.

The Guru Granth Sahib is the Sikh holy book. It was written by Guru Nanak (who began Sikhism) and other Gurus after him. ‘Guru’ means teacher. Watch this video to find out more about why this book is so special and how it is treated by Sikhs.

Write down or tell someone in your house 3 things you have learned?

Mrs Westall

Music home learning:

Have a go at performing some rhythms at home using "FOUND SOUNDS". Watch this video for the full explanation:

Mr Owen