Deanesfield Primary School

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Week 1 - Week Beginning 23rd March 2020

Year 2 Home Learning - Week 1 (23rd March 2020)


Whilst you are at home, why don’t you try some of these fantastic activities focusing on our learning question ‘Can the enormous crocodile live in Ruislip Woods’?

  • Writing a non-fiction informative page/book about your favourite woodland animal
  • Writing a poem (e.g. shape, acrostic, rhyming) about a woodland animal or about Spring
  • Count the birds and wildlife which visit your garden and record your findings in a tally chart, bar chart or pictogram
  • Research Ruislip Woods and write/draw your prediction of the animals which live there and explain why you think this is
  • Research an animal habitat or try making a one (e.g. a bug hotel) for your garden
  • Design and make your own fantasy creature out of playdough or recycled materials
  • Research animals and their diet and write a recipe for your own fantasy creature
  • Write a story in the style of Roald Dahl
  • Measure, compare and order the length and/or height of your own toy animals
  • Can you sketch and name the trees you can see from your window?
  • Create a piece of art inspired by Spring flowers- can you use shade and tone?
  • Go on a plant hunt around your house and garden and record your findings.