Deanesfield Primary School

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Week 6 - Week Beginning 11th May 2020

Year 5 Home Learning - Week 6 (11th May - 15th May 2020)


Quiz Week - Weekly Bingo Tasks


Our online learning this week will be all about quizzes!

Can you write a quiz for your family to perform at the end of the week?



Write an introduction to your quiz - advertising it to your family.

Why would they want to come to your quiz?

Will there be prizes?

Get persuading!

Write a diary of each day of the week, making note of how your quiz developed.

At the end, interview the participants to see what they thought.



Write a literature round of your quiz.

Read a non-fiction book (from home or on Readings Eggs).

Use some of the facts to write a General Knowledge round for your quiz.


How many different homophones can you remember?


Make some flip cards with each homophone on the back to help learn them.

Choose some tricky spellings for a Spelling round in your quiz.


Write a Maths round for your quiz.

Imagine you could create your own TV show quiz - what would the format be? How much would everything cost?


Create a labelled dream TV studio with the cost of each item in it.


Write a Science round for your quiz.


Go for a walk outside with an adult and make note of any signs of Spring.

Can you see different signs on the trees or the wildlife?

Topic (Geography & Art)

Draw a map and label all the areas you know. It could be a world map, a local map, a map of England or even a a map of your house!

Create a poster advertising your quiz. Think about the language you need to use to be super persuasive.


Write a Sports round for your quiz.

Create an obstacle course in your house or garden and time yourself completing it.

Can anyone in your family beat your time?


Host a quiz for your family at home or friends and family on a video platform.

Create a 'Thankful Diary'.

Every day, make a note of all the things you are thankful for in that day.