Deanesfield Primary School

Dream, Believe, Achieve... And Make A Difference!

Week 1 - Week Beginning 23rd March 2020







Topic- (Geography and DT)



Find recycling around the house and create a recycling monster. Write a story about your recycling monster that you can share to your friends back at school.


Read out loud with an adult or sibling. Ask them questions about the book. Look up any words you don’t know the meaning of. 


Create some pictowords for the year 5 spellings


If you have a shopping catalogue, make lists of items you'd like to buy  and be in charge of the budget. Practise adding up the things you have chosen. Can you work out how much more one thing costs than another? Can you work out the change from £10, £20 and £100?


Watch a David Attenborough documentary on the BBC iplayer about animals and their life cycles. Make notes of any interesting facts you hear. 

Draw the life cycle of one of your favourite animals.


Find out about the different layers of the rainforest and present your findings on a poster. 

Find a workout video on youtube to follow (Joe Wicks is good for children) 


If you’re feeling anxious, you could write a worry diary and get your worries out of your head and onto paper. 


Keep a diary that explains about your time off school. What do you do to keep yourself busy in the days? 


Read a child-friendly news website such as Newsround on the BBC.

Summarise 3 important news stories each day. 


Try and spell out words using a torch and your hands (like shadow puppets.) Get someone to guess the word you’ve made and tell you if it’s spelt correctly. 


Find your pulse and count your heartbeat for a minute every hour over a day. Plot the results on a line graph. 


Find a science experiment on youtube that you can recreate. How can you make it a fair test? 


Cook something with fresh ingredients and create a star diagram showing its sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, smell and appearance. 


Make a list of animals and move around like them for 15 to 20 minutes. Can you identify and move as that animal at different stages of its life cycle? Eg frogspawn, tadpole, frog


Help your parents (who could be trying to do their jobs at home AND look after you and your education) by completing a household chore.