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Monday 12th July 

Our Year 6 children arrived safely to the Gordon Brown Centre and are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and countryside.

6H have enjoyed learning archery skills and 6T are cooking up a real feast with their camp fire cooking.

All the children are looking forward to having a lovely meal and playing some games this evening.


Tuesday 13th July 

We had a exciting night last night, where the children saw some bats in the night during their night walk through the woods!

This morning, the children physically challenged themselves, with 6T practising and enhancing their climbing skills and jumping off the high tower and 6H pushing themselves through a tough but exciting assault course through the woods and showing great teamwork. In the afternoon, wall climbing and the 'death drop' were on the agenda!


Sophia - It was so exciting getting to climb up the wall. Jumping off was terrifying but so thrilling. My heart was beating so fast at the top!!


Lily G - I loved doing the death drop. The first time was terrifying! It was so much fun jumping off the top and doing a different landing pose each team.


Margo - I loved doing the trim trail this morning because every obstacle was so unique and challenging. Some of them were tricky because we had to use team work and different skills to overcome them.


Alfie - Rock climbing was so much fun! At first, I was pretty quick but I loved challenging myself to climb the wall with a blindfold.


Jai - I enjoyed cheering on my friends and helping them find the next rock to grab when they were blindfolded.


A great time is being had by all!


Wednesday 14th July 

This morning, 6T are having a go at archery and honing in on their aiming and targeting  skills, whilst 6H have been preparing and lighting camp fires and cooking popcorn.


Children in Class 6I arrived safely this morning. After unpacking, they are very excited to start their activities and explore their new learning environment.


Tia - Today we arrived at Gordon Brown and I already love it here! We have done some cooking (making natural popcorn) and it was delicious! We gathered some firewood and then created a camp fire - it was so much fun!


Sanam - Today we arrived and The Gordon Brown Centre and it has already gotten off to a magnificent start! We were able to make popcorn over our own fire that we made with sticks from the woods. We had to collect so much firewood, our basket was overflowing with sticks that kept on dropping every step of the way! We also had the chance to visit so many adorable animals and we got to stroke and feed them. It has been so fun and I can’t wait for tomorrow!


Clement - Last night, we had some tasty hot chocolate before heading off for a night walk! We listened to a story sat on the logs before going for a walk in the dark woods. We saw owls and even got to walk through a WW2 tunnel - it was so cool!


Thursday 15th July 

This morning, 6I woke up to a tasty breakfast followed by their morning activity - the 'death drop'!! They were all daring enough to have a go at this terrifying but exhilarating experience and had a fantastic time.


Rebecca W- Today has been a blast! We have had so much fun climbing up the rock climbing wall with teddies and blindfolds! The death drop was so scary but so much fun! I did it so many times and did different poses each time!


Harry - We have had an adrenaline rush today climbing up the different climbing walls and doing the death drop! You have to climb up so high before walking along a plank and jumping off! I loved it!


This afternoon, the children have been tackling the assault course and helping each other through the paces of this physically challenging but fun experience.


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17th May 2019:


The children had great fun with their final kayaking activity this morning. After lunch, they boarded the coach and are now on their way home.


Great memories have been created and you'l hear all about their adventures when they return! 


16th May 2019:

'Today we have been coasteering. We jumped off lots of rocks into the sea. It was really cool and the waves were really strong!'


'We made our own rafts this morning and some of us managed to sail them on the sea.'


'After coasteering and raft building we went on a leisurely coastal walk. We got creative and made portraits of some of our teachers out of things we found on the beach. They were really impressed!'


'After all the activity this morning we enjoyed a relaxing walk along the beach and played some games. Looking forward to going crabbing tonight.'


'This evening we went crabbing in Swanage. We caught loads of crabs including a giant spider crab!'


15th May 2019:


The Year 5 children went to Swanage seafront this morning. They went kayaking and explored the area while completing and orienteering activity where they had to follow a map and answer questions. Later in the evening, they all attended a disco where they danced the night away! Here's what they had to say about today's events:


'We are having great fun at the beach today! Getting into a wetsuit was a new experience!'


'I really enjoyed kayaking because we got to go in the sea and swim with the fish.' Alfie 5B


'I'm enjoying learning how to paddle in a kayak and crashing against the waves - it's awesome!' Owen 5M


'It was fantastic going to the beach with my friends and playing games in the waves.' Gabriele 5G


'It was amazing in my orienteering group - we found unusual landmarks and did you know that the station in Swanage is called Santa Fe?' Leon 5G


'The disco was a legend, we had a dance off and the boys won (of course). My favourite bit was watching the limboing because it was so funny.' - Liam 5G 


14th May 2019:

The children enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast with so many options before starting their morning activities  - bushcraft and pioneering including fire building and archery.


'We loved eating the marshmallows!'.


'This afternoon, we enjoyed team games on the sports courts. After a lovely dinner, we held a mini Olympics!'


13th May 2019:

The children arrived safe and sound at Harrow House, had their lunch and enjoyed their first exciting activity in the afternoon. In the evening, they had a great time playing beach games and paddling in the sea, even though it was very cold, before heading back to Harrow House.


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Monday 11th March:

The children arrived at Hooke Court safely after a stop at Winchester for lunch. When they arrived, the children really enjoyed doing the team games where they showed team work and communication skills.


They made their beds, had a lovely dinner and now children are very excited for the disco tonight!


Tuesday 12th March

"Great fun was had at the disco last night. The teachers were showing us their moves. Everyone slept well last night and is ready for the today’s activities."


"After an exhilarating day of exciting activities and an evening disco, we had the most amazing night sleep! We have just had a delicious breakfast and can't wait for our daytime activities."


"Today we’ve spent the day being Saxons. This morning we made  pottage, bread and cauldron snakes, we tasted it and it was delicious. Later this morning, we made own Saxon jewellery and learnt how to weave. It was tricky but very relaxing. Then this afternoon we wrote our names using runes and experienced fence building using wattle and daub. All finished off with a shield war. We’re looking forward to Saxon stories and songs around the campfire tonight."


"We had stories and sang songs around the campfire. We learnt some great new songs and can’t wait to share them with our parents."

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