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Useful SEND Websites


  •  - SEN Teacher is amongst the oldest teaching resource sites, the materials are free to share and use in schools or at home.  The Print tools on SEN Teacher allow you to create, adapt and share teaching resources for a wide-range of abilities. No login or registration is required to use SEN Teacher. Also has links to other useful websites.


  • – The National Autistic Society website, the main UK charity for supporting people with ASD and their families (contains lots of useful advice and resources)


  • – For more information on Attention Autism and how you can support your child to develop attention and turn-taking skills


  • - Symbolled resources for different topics and areas of life, including resources for fire safety and about visiting the doctors/dentists





  • – Advice and support, including booklets to help with independent toileting, sleeping and managing behaviour



  • - A really useful set of social stories to share with children, covering topics ranging from coping with a new baby in the family to getting a haircut to making friends. The National Autistic Society website also provides guidance on writing your own personalised social stories



Useful, fun websites with highly visual games for using with your children to consolidate early skills: