Deanesfield Primary School

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Welcome to Year 2 - September 2019




Important Information for Parents/Carers:


Please note daily routines and organisation now that your child will be in Year 2:


  • Soft Start: 8.40am - 8.50am.
  • End of day collection at 3.20pm.
  • Homework and reading books will be issued on Fridays and due back in the following Wednesday.
  • Termly homework projects will be set each term.
  • P.E. kit must be in school daily.
  • Personal Organise to be taken home and brought in every day  as the main communication link between home and the school. This organiser:
    • is to be used to communicate any messages that you may have for the teacher;
    • reading record pages to be signed when you hear your child read on a daily basis;
    • will contain the 'Good Day Ticks' collected by your child for following our Golden Charter;
  • Letters containing key information about trips will be issues electronically via our school app and e-mail with copies provided on the website. Please ensure you inform the school if you change your e-mail/contact details.
  • All children will be provided with a School water bottle, which is to remain in school. Please do not send your child to school with a water bottle that has not been issued by the school.


Useful websites to support your learning: for information on a huge range of curriculum themes and topics, covering Maths, Literacy, History, Science, Geography and Art. a huge range of downloadable worksheets on all the key Maths topics within the curriculum. for a range of games to help with phonics, punctuation and more. for a range of games and exercises that cover different aspects of English.



Children's Information


When you come back to school, you will be in the final year of Key Stage 1!


To prepare for the exciting curriculum that will be covered in Year 2, we have given you some suggestions for activities that could be done with your family over the summer holidays... Enjoy having fun with your learning together!




Numbers and shapes are all around us everywhere we go. Read 2 and 3 digit numbers on doors, car number plates and anywhere else you see them!


At the shops, add prices together and count the change. Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.


Use the computer to find some games on the internet.




There are many games to play that will help you to practise reading and spelling; try 'I-Spy' and 'Hangman' for a start.


Take opportunities to read when you are out and about; you'll find lots of letters and words on road and street signs, in shops and all the places you visit.


Why not visit the library, borrow a book and share it with someone in your family—a real treat!




There are always lots of opportunities to practise your writing. Write a holiday postcard, letter, a recount or diary entry of any outings or visits you have been on in the holidays!


Remember to use a capital letters and full stops.


You could also use conjunctions to join your ideas.




We begin our year with the topic 'Journey' - What journeys can we go on real or imaginary? What might you take? Why?


You might want to find out what London was like in 1666 ready for our Autumn topic... 'The Great Fire of London'.


We hope you have a wonderful Summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you return to School on: