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Week 11 - Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Year 1 Home Learning - Week 11 (22nd - 26th June 2020)

English Grid Activities


Practise writing these common exception words in your very best handwriting. Don’t forget to start and finish in the correct place.


Watch the video ‘Bubbles’. If you could float anywhere on a bubble, where would you go? Who would you meet?




Watch the video all about verbs.




Use these verbs and have a go at writing some super sentences.

• climb

• chop

• build

• catch

• dance

• eat

• jump




During this very strange time, lots of people have been working hard to help others. Write down some of the different ways you have been kind and helpful to other people.



Listen to the poem ‘Game of chores’ Complete the worksheet. What helpful things do you do at home?






Read the sentences and colour the picture. Can you make your own?





Topic Grid Activities


Here are a few ideas of some fun things you can enjoy doing at home.




Potato printing! Ask an adult to cut a potato in half and then create a stamp to paint and print. Can you make a repeating pattern?



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It important to talk about how we are feeling. Print and play the emotions board game. You could make your own!





Find out all about North America with the Oak Academy.









Make and complete an obstacle course or circuit in your garden or an outdoor space. There are some ideas and printable cards on the website.




Find out all about Mary Seacole!








Have a look at these leaves and identify what tree or plant they come from. You could go on a walk and see if you can find any in your local area.



Computing home learning:

Hi Year 1, 

I've been remembering the story of the big bad wolf and the three little pigs this week, and I've got a great activity for you to send the wolf to all the different houses in the story. Watch the video and have a go yourself. You will need to visit and click on the one that says "turtle" at the top.


Mrs Fraser

Religious Education (R.E.) home learning:

Hello Year 1!

This week we are going to hear a story from the Bible (Christian’s special book).

Watch the video of the story of the Lost Sheep.

This is a parable – an everyday story with a special meaning.

What do you think the special meaning of this story is?

Challenge: Can you retell the story to someone else? Maybe you could draw some pictures (or even make your own little book) to help you.

Mrs Westall

Music home learning:

Holy Mole! How good are your listening skills?

You might need a few practises to get the hang of this game so don't give up straight away - it's very tricky!

Listen carefully to the notes played on the guitar. The floating moles will sing the notes back in the same order... but one of them will get it wrong! It's your job to figure out who sang the wrong note and shoot their balloon down. Start on beginner mode and work your way through the levels to see how far you can get!

Mr Owen