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Week 10 - Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Year 3 Home Learning - Week 10 (15th - 19th June 2020)

Click the links for the English and Maths tasks each day. Watch the videos, make notes if you would like to and complete the activities underneath the videos. You can print out the activity sheets or write down your answers on paper or in your home learning journal. Have fun!


Don't forget, children can still use Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Times Table Rockstars freely.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: White Rose Maths are now charging for their home learning resources. You are still able to follow the link to watch the videos from previous weeks. Maths this week is BBC Bitesize.






Day 1

Read out loud to yourself or someone at home for 20 minutes.


Challenge: Choose 5 words that best describe what you have read.

e.g. thrilling, devastating, upsetting, humorous

Using formal and informal language



If you are unable to access this link, write 3 sentences informally about what you like doing. Think about making jokes, nicknames and contractions.


Then write 3 sentences formally about the same thing thinking about your vocabulary, correct grammar and no contracted words.



Read them aloud and see how your body language changes.

Efficient addition and subtraction methods



If you are unable to access this link, use these numbers to add 1, 10 and 100 from them.

1) 425    2) 361    3) 487    4) 210    5) 266    6) 175    7) 306    8) 914  


Then, subtract 1, 10 and 100 from them.




Day 2

Find 3 sentences in your chapter you have read and say why you like about them.


e.g. I like the adjectives that the author has used.

I like how funny it is.

Understanding subordinating conjunctions



If you are unable to access this link, use the subordinating conjunctions if, as, when, although, while, after, before, because to fill in the gaps:


1. You have to wake up ................... your alarm starts beeping.


2. I have to brush my teeth ..................I go to bed.


3. I was allowed to choose a special treat from the shop ..................I got a certificate from school.


4. You need to go to bed now are up early in the morning.


5. argue with your brother again, you will both be in trouble!


6. ..................I mixed all the ingredients together, I poured the mixture into the cake tins.


7. ..................I chop the carrots, can you wash the lettuce leaves?


8. ..................I enjoy playing basketball, my favourite sport is football.


Challenge: Can you use the subordinating conjunction examples to write your own sentences?

Mixed addition and subtraction problems



If you are unable to access this link, answer the following questions:


1. A shop has 176 pairs of socks.87 pairs are white, how many pairs of socks are there that are other colours?


2. There are 315 pencils in the school cupboard. 178 are given out to Year 3 students. How many pencils are left?


3. Edward pays for a £1.45 bottle of coca-cola with a £2 coin. How much change will he receive?


4. A flower shop has 432 tulips and 267 roses. How many flowers do they have overall?


5. A farmer has 584 cows in one field and 246 in another field. How many cows does he have overall?


6. Jamie wants to buy a pack of Pokémon cards for £1.65 and a chocolate bar for 89p. How much money will he spend?


Day 3

After reading your chapter, choose a character from your story.


Dress up like them and pose in different ways thinking about how they would have felt throughout the story.


Get someone to take a photo of you.


Creating a formal report



If you are unable to access this link, research an animal or country you are interested in.

Find some interesting facts about it and write a clear report explaining them.


Your report must have the following:


1. A title (what you have conducted research on. i.e. Loggerhead Sea Turtles).


2. An introduction describing what your report is about.


3. Subheadings (useful headings to split up your facts, to make it easy and clear for the reader. i.e. Habitat: Where Loggerhead Sea Turtles live. Diet: What Loggerhead Sea Turtles eat. Threats: How Loggerhead Turtles are being impacted General facts about Loggerhead Sea Turtles.


Week 2- Challenges for Year 3 and P4



If you are unable to access this link, here is your challenge!

Can you create 5 problems for your family/friends to solve?

Your problems must include the following things:

1. One must involve doubling or halving. For example, Anastasia is half of her sister’s age. Her sister is 12 years old. How old is Anastasia?


2. One must involve adding numbers. For example, 3G has 38 feathers and 3H has 61 feathers. How many do they have in total?


3. One must involve subtracting numbers. For example, Shayan buys an apple that cost 85p. If he paid the shopkeeper £2. How much change would he receive?


4. One must involve converting numbers. For example, Daniel’s shoelace is 65mm. How many cm is this?


5. The last one can involve anything you like. Can you challenge yourself by using more than one operation?


Day 4

Read your book and find as many words as you can with the suffix –ing and –ed.


Challenge: What happens to the root word when the suffix is added?


Bitesize Daily Book Club:

You're a Bad Man, Mr Gum

by Andy Stanton



If you are unable to access this link, pick a book of your choice and read a chapter. Summarise what you have read. Try to write eight different phrases or clauses to summarise the plot. Then, thinking about what you know so far about the story, make a prediction of what you think will happen next. Write the next paragraph to the story – will a character be talking? Will you be giving a description of a place? Will there be action? You are the author – you decide!


Converting pounds and pence




If you are unable to access this link, get a selection of 10 coins. Work out the total number of whole pounds you have, how many pence you have left over and how many pounds and pence you have in total. Then, randomly select four of your coins and add the values together. Repeat this with different combinations of coins and then write the values in ascending (smallest to largest) order.


Challenge: Tom says he can add four coins together to get £1. Is he correct? Explain your reasoning.


Day 5

Complete an activity on Reading Eggspress.


Friday Challenge!


Using the picture in this link, create a short story or description including adjectives, interesting openers and co-ordinating conjunctions to link your points.


Friday Challenge!


Can you put the numbers 1-8 in each of the squares so that each side adds up to the middle number.



Topic - 




Choose a destination (shops, park) and describe the journey about how you got there using directions e.g. turn right out of your house, walk 2 minutes down the round and turn left. Pass the tree and make a sharp left hand turn.




Remember a journey you have been on. Either a holiday or a recent journey to the shops or the park. Write a recount about that trip including past tense, first person and time adverbials to link your points.


Window Drawings


Choose a mode of transport and draw the outline shape of the window you look out of e.g. a square of a car, the small shape of an aeroplane, the circle of a boat. Then, inside sketch what you would see while in that mode of transport.



Healthy Eating:


Draw a dinner plate on a piece of paper. Split your dinner plate into these healthy food groups: fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, fats, dairy and proteins. Select random items from your kitchen cupboards and fridge/freezer. Write or draw the item in the correct section. If your item is high in fat, sugar or salt, write/draw this on the other side of your piece of paper.


Healthy Eating:


Create a food menu for a healthy day including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Make sure to include food from the different groups and think about the drinks you would have also.


Healthy Eating:


Pick up items from your cupboard and rank them in order of lowest to highest sugar content. Were there any that surprised you? Research the difference between good and bad sugars.




and Exercise


Create a food journal for the week including what you eat on each day. Include: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks.



Challenge: Try a Joe Wicks PE activity





Using your knowledge of the abdominals (core strength) from science last week, can you balance something on your head keeping your body still and strong.


Challenge: Try and sit down and stand back up without the item dropping.



Hello Year 3! Here is this week’s RE.

Did you know that there are different views on pilgrimage in Christianity? To some it is important, whereas others do not believe it is that important.

The Christians who do go on pilgrimage tend to go to places because they: are mentioned in the New Testament in the Bible, especially the Holy Land; are associated with saints or miracles.

Some Christians visit Lourdes in France. This is a site where Bernadette Soubirous saw visions of Mary, Jesus’ mother. A spring was found and pilgrims go there as they believe the water is holy and can help cure them.

Challenge: Can you find out where Lourdes is on a map. How would you get there? Plan your journey. What would you need to take with you?

Enjoy your learning!

Mrs Westall


Hi Year 3!

One of my favourite movies is Moana, and I was super excited to find this Moana coding activity for you to try out. You need to use the blocks to move the characters and follow the instructions. It's similar to the code we used with beard man, so hopefully you'll remember that. Click on the link, watch the video and follow the instructions to create your own code.

​Have fun!

Mrs Fraser


Have a go at playing this tune on the virtual piano! Can you work out what song it is?

If you have a real piano/keyboard/glockenspiel at home, try to use that as well.

Mr Owen