Deanesfield Primary School

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School Council

Our School Council involves every child from Year 1 to Year 6 and consists of 4 main elements ensuring that every child's voice is heard.


Class Council


Once or twice a half term, each class has a discussion on topics of interest. This could be anything from deciding what they would like to receive for their good day tick award to which charities the school will support each year. 


Year Group Council


Six children from each class in a year group, meet with a senior leader and two Year 6 children to feedback the results of their Class Council discussions and votes. The thoughts, action points and votes from each class are collected. Different children from each class attend Year Group Council each time it is held.


School Council


The two Year 6 children representing each year group meet with the headteacher and/or deputy headteacher to feedback the results of all the Year Group Councils. There is discussion about what each year group has said and decisions are taken about whole school action. Different Year 6 children attend School Council each time it is held so that more children have the chance to be involved in final decision-making.


After the School Council meeting, two Year 6 representatives are elected to write a School Council report which is included in the school's newsletter, the 'Friday Flyer', for that week, so that the entire school community knows what's going on. Class teachers read the report to their classes so that children know what the outcome of their Class Council discussions are.


Look out for the School Council report in the Friday Flyer about twice a half term.


Action Groups


Once School Council has met, it is decided whether action groups need to be established to plan and implement the decisions made. Any child may be selected to be part of an action group, depending on the level of planning and communication needed to carry out the role effectively. Action groups will feed back to Class Councils to ensure all classes are working towards the desired outcome.