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Week 2 - Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Year 4 Home Learning - Week 2 (30th March - 3rd April)


Weekly Grid Bingo!


Choose one activity for each topic every day. How many can you cross off by the end of the week? You may record your work in any way you like. E.g. on paper, in a notepad or in your Home Learning book.


Don't forget, children can still use Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Times Table Rockstars freely.



Choose one of the activities not completed last week or one you would like to continue or improve.

Read a book of your choice for 20 minutes.

Can you find any expanded noun phrases?

Read something new, something online or a newspaper.

Was it enjoyable to read something different? Why?

Read your book and write down any unfamiliar words you find. Try to work out the definitions by finding the root word, and then look them up to see if you were correct!


Research an animal of your choice and write a non-chronological report all about them. Remember to include a heading, sub-headings and variety of pronouns (it, they) and generalisers (some, most, all).

Click the link to a Pobble 365 picture and complete the activities at the bottom of the page.



Choose your favourite part of a book you have read and re-write it with the characters making different choices.

How does this change the story?


Practise your times tables in any way you want. Can you say your times table in order? Can you say them backwards? Ask an adult to choose questions for you! Any you find tricky, choose a way to help you remember them!

Pick up an object in your house and find as many objects as you can that weigh the same.

Can you estimate the weight of the object before you weigh it?

Estimate the prices of items in your house. Pretend to be a shopkeeper and ask someone to choose which items they would like. Add up what the items would cost. Can you create any deals?

Topic & Science

Choose an item in your house. Then, place it next to a window so it creates a shadow onto a piece of paper. Draw around the outline of the item’s shadow and colour in the detail. Can you create tone and shade?

Find 10 things you can pull in your house.

Find 10 things you can push in your house.

Find 10 things you can twist in your house.

Does the material of the object influence this?

Research exciting facts about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.

Who do you think were most important? Cooler? More ruthless? Create a speech or poster showing which tribe was best and why.

Fitness & Wellbeing

Have a conversation with a family member or on Facetime. Tell them all about your day. What have you enjoyed most?

Come up with your own exercise routine. How many muscles can you work?

Challenge: do you know the names of them?

Put on some calming music and meditate or practise yoga.

Challenge: how has this affected your mood? Why?

Go for a walk out in the fresh air.

Can you include a jog and/or a run?

Why would you give yourself a Badge of Honour today?


Hi Year 4!

This week I would like you to have a look at

Login: ha40lr (remember, after the 4 is a zero) Password: smides7219

Can you find somewhere you have visited before, either with family or friends?

What can you see on the map? Was it a coastal area, woodland, or something else?

Tell someone in your family about it. Can you use the line tool to find out how far it was from your house? (Look in drawing tools). Can you see how that area has changed over time? (Use the map selector tool in the top left). If you do not have access to a computer/tablet/phone to do this, why not have a look at a paper map at home? What landmarks can you spot?

Is there something on the map that can help you work out how far it is from where you live? Enjoy exploring the map!! Mrs Fraser