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Week 7 - Week Beginning 18th May 2020

Year 2 Home Learning - Week 7 (18th May - 22nd May 2020)

Here are a list of suggested activities to get you started in your home learning this week.

Our theme of the week: COLOUR!


  • The festival of 'Holi' is also known as the 'festival of colours'. Find out more about this exciting festival and show what you found in a poster or fact file..
  • Use your 5 senses to write a poem about your favourite colour. E.g. 'Blue smells like the salty sea crashing against the shells'.
  • Listen and watch Mr Tumble sing the colours of the rainbow. Can you learn the song in Makaton signs and symbols? 

  • Write a list of colours you expect to find in your garden or outside on your daily walk. Use a tally chart to help count the items of each colour you find. What did you find most of? What did you find least of? Why do you think this is?
  • Write a fact file about how trees change colour over the four seasons.
  • Design a new football kit for your favourite football team or school uniform for your school - What colours will you choose? Why? Do they have a special meaning?
  • Collect coins from around your home - group and sort them according to their colours. What is the total of each group? What happens if you double or halve this amount?
  • Create your own 'colour by numbers' for a family member to colour.
  • Research flags of different colours - Can you find out why the colours were chosen? Then design and make your own colourful flag to represent your family.
  • Research Rangoli patterns to celebrate Diwali. Use a range of media (e.g. pens, paints, chalk) to make your own.
  • Experiment mixing colours together to make your own colourful firework picture.
  • Can you find out what the colours of the Olympic rings mean?
  • Science Walking Rainbow Experiment: - remember to make a prediction and observe what happens closely.

Computing home learning:

I wonder how many of you can remember the different parts of the computer. Have a look at the video and then try drawing a picture and labelling the different parts.

Have fun! ​

From Mrs Fraser

Religious Education (R.E.) home learning:

This term in RE we are looking at celebrations or Religious Festivals. At the moment our Muslim friends are celebrating Ramadan (Ramadan Mubarak). This is a very special time for them. During this time, Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset. Watch the Newsround video to found out more:

Challenge: Can you make a list of five things that Muslims try to do during this holy month?

From Mrs Westall

PSHE home learning:

This week is mental health awareness week! So your challenge is to keep a kindness diary of all the kind acts you do this week. Will you... share your favourite toys with a brother or sister? Will you help your grown ups to wash up after dinner? Make your bed? How many more acts of kindness will you do this week?

From Miss Wakefield