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Week 5 - Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Year 2 Home Learning - Week 5 (4th May - 8th May 2020)

On Friday 8th May it is VE Day which is celebrating the 75th anniversary for the end of World War II in Europe. Here are some suggested activities you can do at home to learn more about this significant event.

Here are a list of suggested activities to get you started in your home learning this week.

Our theme of the week: History - Significant People!


  • Write an information page on a significant person. It could be a family member or someone from history. Why are they significant? What do they do? How have they helped people or changed the world?
  • Discover the story of Boudicca and research why there is a statue of her outside Parliament in London.
  • Who was Queen Victoria? Create a mind map of what you have learnt.
  • Explore Professor Stephen Hawkins. Why is he important? Can you draw the solar system with all the planets?
  • Using resources around your house, create the boat Christopher Columbus used to explore the world.
  • Research Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. What is similar and what is different about these two significant people?
  • Use your body to make the shape of significant places (for example, Bog Ben, London Bridge, Statue of Liberty and the Pyramids). You could get your family to help you!
  • Sketch a picture of your favourite significant person or place.
  • Practise adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers (for example 24+14, 39 - 19) using number lines, partitioning or dienes (whatever method you are happy with). REMEMBER to check your answers using inverse.
  • Look around your house and count how many different clocks you have (watches, alarm clocks etc.). What is the same and what is different about the clocks you find?
  • Come up with your own dance routine or song.

Computing home learning:

Hi Year 2! This week, I want you to start something called computational thinking, which means thinking like a computer and creating instructions to follow. This week, you will need your favourite son! You are going to think of 5 dance moves that you can do. Write them each on a sticky note, then arrange them into an order to create a dance routine, like we did with beard man on 'Busy Things'. Then play the song and perform your dance moves in order to the song. Get your family involved too and create a group dance routine! The set of instructions you have made is called an algorithm. Have fun!

From Mrs Fraser


Religious Education (R.E.) home learning:

Hello Year 2! This term in RE, we are looking at celebrations or Religious Festivals. Talk to someone else in your home... Ho many different celebrations do you have in your house? 

Different religions celebrate 'special people' but you are special too! We celebrate YOU on your birthday. Your task is to be a PARTY PLANNER; When is your birthday? Who would you invite? Do you have a theme? What would you eat? What would your cake look like?Where would your party be? Would you play any games? Draw pictures and write lists to plan your dream party!

Happy planning!

From Mrs Westall

Music home learning:

Hi Year 2! Experiment in the Google Rhythm Lab and have a go at creating your own drum patterns! Make sure to try all of the different drum kits by scrolling along to the right. Can you see how many beats there are in each bar?

From Mr Owen