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Week 11 - Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Year 2 Home Learning - Week 11 (22nd - 26th June 2020)

Here are a list of suggested activities to get you started in your home learning this week.

Our theme of the week: Magic!


  • Make your own potions and record how much of each ingredient you used in l and ml.
  • Design a new broom stick for a witch. Label the materials you would use and what special features it has.

  • Transform tricky spellings into pictures! Make your own nature wand using a stick and natural items found in your garden or on a walk.
  • Remind yourself of the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Then plan and write your own version. Think about…. Where is your story set? Who will live at the top of the beanstalk? What magical items does Jack see? How does he escape? Remember to use lots of adjectives to make your story exciting for the reader!
  • Follow this link to be taken to a list of fun science magic tricks you can try at home. Remember to check with an adult it is safe for you to try first:

  • Look at your bookshelves- how many books are about magical creatures or have a magic theme? Write a list of things the books and compare them- what is similar? What is different?
  • Read the poem ‘Magic London Bus’ and try learning it by heart to perform to your family.
  • Make a wanted poster for a magical creature. Remember to describe their appearance and explain why they wanted.
  • Pick a mythical creature to research (i.e Dragon, Unicorn, Griffin, Troll etc..) and write a non-chronological report using what you found out.
  • Design and make a hotel for a mythical creature of your choice. Remember to think about what the creature will need. A mermaid might like a big swimming pool but a dragon might want a big outdoor space to practise their fire breathing!
  • Read a book with a magical theme and act out your favourite part.
  • Make a 'Magic Moments Jar': Take an empty jar and decorate it. Then write down special memories you have and fill the jar with them. You can add to this as you make more!
  • Pick potion ingredients you would like from the magic potion list and write the total you spent. How much money would you have left from £5?
  • Write your own word problems using the potion ingredients and solve them. E.G Q) How much less does rat tail cost (10p) than a frog (15p)? Ans) 15 – 10 = 5 A rat’s tail cost 5p less.
  • Follow the link to an ‘Arithmagic’ maths game where you can test your math skills against magical enemies:


Computing home learning:

Hello year 2!

I've been having fun this week making posters and I wanted to show you 2 new skills. One is creating a border for your poster and one is changing your page colour.

Watch the video and have fun creating your posters! Mrs Fraser

From Mrs Fraser

Religious Education (R.E.) home learning:

Hello Year 2!

This week in RE we are thinking about Hindu celebrations. Can you think of any? One Hindu celebration is called HOLI. Follow the BBC lessons to find out all about it.

Challenge: Write the word HOLI in the middle of a piece of paper.If you have some paint at home can you create a colourful picture around the word – make it bright and fun.

Have fun!

From Mrs Westall

Music home learning:

Holy Mole! How good are your listening skills?

You might need a few practises to get the hang of this game so don't give up straight away - it's very tricky!

Listen carefully to the notes played on the guitar. The floating moles will sing the notes back in the same order... but one of them will get it wrong! It's your job to figure out who sang the wrong note and shoot their balloon down. Start on beginner mode and work your way through the levels to see how far you can get!

Mr Owen