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Week 5 - Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Year 3 Home Learning - Week 5 (4th May - 8th May 2020)

On Friday 8th May it is VE Day which is celebrating the 75th anniversary for the end of World War II in Europe. Here are some suggested activities you can do at home to learn more about this significant event.



VE Day Songs and Dance

Try to learn the Horrible Histories VE Day song and perform it to your family.





Create your own motivational song. Listen to some of the following clips for inspiration.

Long way to Tipperary/

Pack up your troubles

The White Cliffs of Dover


Can you find any other VE Day songs? Could you write your own?


Learn how to Swing dance (The Lindy Hop) which originated in the late 1920s and early 1930s in Harlem, New York City.


Wartime Recipes

With one rationed egg and a

packet of powdered milk in

the larder, World War II’s

home cooks had to be creative.

Find out what families were

eating over 75 years ago.

Create some delicious meals

using the recipes below.

You could serve them at your

Stay at Home Street Party!’






Can you find any other VE day recipes?



Crack The Codes


Phonetic Alphabet

The phonetic alphabet was used in RAF transmissions during the war. Learn to spell

your name using the

phonetic alphabet e.g.

Ted = Tango    Echo   Delta


Morse Code

Morse code is a communication

system that represents the alphabet and numbers with a series of dots, dashes or a combination of both.

Watch the videos to find out more.





Can you write a secret coded

message for your family to crack?

Click the links for the English and Maths tasks each day. Watch the videos, make notes if you would like to and complete the activities underneath the videos. You can print out the activity sheets or write down your answers on paper or in your home learning journal.


Don't forget, children can still use Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Times Table Rockstars freely.





Day 1

Read out loud to yourself

or someone at home for

20 minutes.


Challenge: What question

would you ask a character

from the book?

Identifying Nouns



If you are unable to access

this link, recap proper nouns

(Mr Hull) and common nouns (table). How many can you list

in 2 minutes?

Week 1 Lesson 1

Unit and non-unit fractions






If you are unable to access this link, fold a piece of paper and label the halves, quarters, eighths, thirds and fifths. How many times do you have to fold them?

Day 2

Read your book out loud to

someone or a favourite cuddly

toy. Use as much expression

as you can and make sure you

pause at full stops.

Identifying pronouns



If you are unable to access

this link, come up with 5

pronouns and use them

in a sentence.

Week 1 Lesson 2

Making the whole






If you are unable to access this link, go on a fraction hunt.

Choose random objects, count how many you have chosen then tell an adult how many of those objects are blue or yellow or red etc. Eg I have 5 objects and 3 out of 5 are red.

Day 3

Challenge yourself to read a

whole chapter of your book

today! If it’s a short book,

see if you can read

3 chapters!

Identifying adjectives



If you are unable to access

this link, write a descriptive paragraph about anything

you like. Change the adjectives

you use for powerful ones.

(E.G- big- massive)

Week 1 Lesson 3







If you are unable to access this

link, cut a piece of paper in to

10 equal squares. Remove some squares and write the amount you have left out of 10 as a fraction e.g. 7/10. Repeat this by removing different amounts.

Day 4

Read something new,

something online or

a newspaper.


Challenge: write down any

words you don’t know and

look up their meanings.

Identifying verbs



If you are unable to access

this link, get a book of your

choice and find 5 verbs.

Write your own wacky

sentences using these verbs.

Week 1 Lesson 4

Count in tenths






Get 10 items from your house

in front of you. Remove some

and write the amount that’s left

as a fraction. E.G I have 10

peas on my plate. I remove 4

and I now have 6/10 peas left.

Day 5

Complete an activity

on reading eggs.



Using the picture in this link, create a short story or

description including

everything you have

recapped this week.




Practise your times tables

by watching Miss Hedges’

youtube video on the

Deanesfield Channel.

Play the game using a pack of

cards by multiplying whatever

cards you turn over together.

If you don’t have cards, create

your own!


Try this quiz:




If you are unable to access

this link, name as many countries as you can from

each continent in 5 minutes.

Look at your local area:

How many houses are there

in your street? Are there

any shops nearby? Do you

have a park nearby?


List as many features as

you can.

Using your notes from last week

or any research you did on how

your local area has changed

over the years, draw a picture

of what you think it used to

look like?


Have a go at this lesson

all about plants. https://www.thenational.




If you are unable to access

this link, have a look at

plants in your garden or

local area. What conditions

do they grow in?

An introduction to light



If you are unable to access

this link, list the different

light sources around your

house and outside.

Write definitions for the


Transparent, translucent and opaque.


Sort random objects from

outside and inside your house

into the 3 groups.


Challenge: Can you think of uses for each material?




Complete a Joe Wicks


Make an obstacle course

around your house or garden.

How quick can you complete it?

Can you do it backwards?

Chat to a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while on face time or zoom. Ask them how they are and what they have been doing?


Hello Year 3!

This term in RE we are looking at religious journeys.

When you go on holiday, you are a TOURIST. When you go on a religious journey to visit a

sacred or holy place you are PILGRIM going on a PILGRIMAGE.

Can you think of up to 7 places that you would like to visit? Draw a magic carpet and write

down the places that you would like to travel to. Make your magic carpet really colourful!

CHALLENGE: Can you pick your top 3 destinations and explain why you want to visit? ​



Experiment in the Google Rhythm Lab and have a go at creating your own drum patterns!

Make sure to try all of the different drum kits by scrolling along to the right.

Can you see how many beats are in each bar?



Hi year 3!

This week I would like you to begin "Computational thinking". That means I want you to think

like a computer. It is about learning to solve problems using the information you are given,

and spot mistakes to fix (or debug). 

This week, I would like you to have a go at this game, called colourful kits. It will work on a

computer, phone or tablet so do the best you can to have a go. You need to decide what

sports kits the athletes need to wear based on the colour of their flags. Do they need any

equipment for their sport? Here is the link:

​Enjoy! Mrs Fraser