Deanesfield Primary School

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Welcome to Year 1 - September 2019



Important Information for Parents/Carers:


Please note changes of general routines and organisation now that your child will be in Year 1:


  • Children will make a smooth transition from the EYFS curriculum to the KS1 curriculum.
  • Soft Start: 8.40am - 8.50am.
  • End of day collection at 3.20pm.
  • Homework and reading books will be issued on Fridays and due back in the following Wednesday.
  • Each child will be given a Personal Organiser, which acts as the main link between home and the school. This organiser:
    • is to be used to communicate any messages that you may have for the teacher;
    • will contain the weekly overview, given each week to provide you with the focus of the children's learning for the week;
    • will contain the 'Good Day Ticks' collected by your child for following our Golden Charter;
    • needs to be signed on a weekly basis by the school and home.
  • All children will sit the statutory phonics check in the Summer term. Please support your child in building their phonic knowledge and hearing them read daily for 5 mins.



Children's Information


When you come back to school, you will be in the first year of Key Stage 1! To prepare for the exciting curriculum that will be covered in Year 1, we have given you some suggestions for activities that could be done with your family over the summer holidays... you don't have to do these, but there are some ideas for you to try!



You can practice your reading in all sorts of places. Look for letters and words when you are out at the shops, on a day trip or visiting friends and family. Play ‘I Spy’ and other letter games. Best of all, visit your local library and borrow a book full of letters and words. Join the reading challenge! Read as much as you can; stories, comic books and information books. Recap all of the sounds you have learnt in Reception.

Remember, books are for sharing too!



Prractise writing as much as you can. For example, sending postcards, writing shopping lists, diary entries of your summer adventures and writing thank you notes.


Can you remember to use capital letters and full stops?

You may want to share these with us when you come back! 




Like letters and words, numbers and shapes are all around you everyday. See if you can recognise them at home, at the shops or when you are out and about!


Can you say how much some things are worth by looking at prices in the supermarket?

Can you count some money by adding coins together?


Many games are played using dice and counters - practice how to count forwards and backwards when playing board games.




Our first topic will be 'Toys'. Have a look at the toys and games you have at home. Did your parents and grandparents play with the same things as you? Perhaps you can write down all the information you find out about toys of today and from the past?


Don't forget to bring it in to share with your class and teacher in September!


We hope you have a wonderful Summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you return to School on: