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Week 11 - Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Year 3 Home Learning - Week 11 (22nd - 26th June 2020)

Click the links for the English and Maths tasks each day. Watch the videos, make notes if you would like to and complete the activities underneath the videos. You can print out the activity sheets or write down your answers on paper or in your home learning journal. Have fun!


Don't forget, children can still use Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and Times Table Rockstars freely.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: White Rose Maths are now charging for their home learning resources. You are still able to follow the link to watch the videos from previous weeks. Maths this week is BBC Bitesize.






Day 1

Read out loud to yourself or someone at home for 20 minutes.


Challenge: Can you pause at all the full stops correctly?


Revising Similes and Metaphors



If you are unable to access this link, a simile is when you compare two things e.g. saying one noun is similar to another noun. The man was as fast as a cheetah.


Metaphors are when you say something is something else. My heart was a drum beating in my chest.


Using these nouns, write a simile and metaphor for each word:

- mouse    - snake    - clock

- grass       - sun       - house

Adding Money



If you are unable to access this link, remember that when you add money, you must remember your decimal point to separate pounds and pence:



Add together these amounts:


1) £1.50 + £1.20

2) £3.25 + £1.20

3) £1.76 + £2.13

4) £4.38 + £1.61

5) £2.55 + £3.85


Day 2


Read your book and think of 5 adjectives (describing a noun) to describe each character.



Exploring Fronted Adverbials



If you are unable to access this link, copy these sentences down and underline all the fronted adverbials. For example: On top of the sunflower, the bee landed carefully.


1. Above the bees, the butterfly fluttered gracefully.

2. Greedily, the owl gobbled down the fresh, slimy worm.

3. In the afternoon, all the people sunbathed on the warm grass.

4. Out of breath, the man ran past the wicket and won the cricket match.

5. As the sun glared down on the tarmac, the man plodded home.


Challenge: Now copy and complete these sentences about Britain in summer. Use your imagination to add in the missing fronted adverbials. Can you think of any more exciting sentences that use fronted adverbials?

1. .........................., the hawk caught the insect.

2. .........................., the sun shone brightly on the crystal clear water.

3. .........................., people enjoy going on holidays.

4. .........................., the grass was waving up at the sun.



Subtracting Money



If you are unable to access this link, work out the answers to these calculations:

1. £8 and 75p – £3 and 50p

2. £5 and 91p - £2 and 40p

3. £2 and 18p - £1 and 9p

4. £6 and 66p - £4 and 12p

5. £7 and 50p - £6 and 31p

6. £3 and 34p - £1 and 35p

7. £1 and 6p - 95p


Challenge: Work out the answer to the reasoning problem below today’s activities. Can you prove that you are correct?





Day 3


Think of 5 questions you would like to ask one of the characters. Then write their answers as if you were that character.




Revising Apostrophes in Contractions



If you are unable to access this link, read the sentences below and correct the contractions.


1) The giraffe could not reach the top window of the Duke’s palace.

2) Charlie was not impressed when Augustus Gloop fell into the chocolate waterfall.

3) The pelican did not realise his beak was open! She would need to close this or the water would fall out.

4) Mr Twit had not washed his beard in years – it did not smell very pleasant.

5) Matilda and Miss Honey were not surprised when Mr Wormwood shouted. He would get punished in the end though.


Challenge: Can you think of 5 of your own sentences about Roald Dahl characters (the enormous crocodile, the BFG, James and the Giant Peach etc). How many contractions can you add into your sentences?



Multiply and Divide by 10 and 100






If you are unable to access this link, using your place knowledge work out these calculations.


1) 18 x 10 =

2) 26 x 100 =

3) 91 x 10 =

4) 740 / 10 =

5) 6500 / 100 =

6) 320 / 10 =


Challenge: Mr Manning is the hockey coach. He must order 100 hockey balls for each of his 11 players so they can practice all year round. How many hockey balls will he need in total?


For the fans watching the hockey match, he ordered 260 oranges for them to eat during half-time. He ordered 10 times too many though, so must them back. How many will he have left after sending 1/10 of 260 away?


Day 4


Complete an activity on Reading Eggspress.




Revising Apostrophes for Possession



If you are unable to access this link, write 5 sentences that include an apostrophe for possession. Remember, a possessive apostrophe shows that something belongs to or is connected to something else e.g. the cat’s tail was fluffy. Your sentences could be inspired by your favourite story – it is up to you!


Challenge: Include a sentence that shows an apostrophe with a plural noun.



Multiply and Divide by 1000






If you are unable to access this link, create your own place value grid on a piece of paper with the columns:

Th (thousands), H (hundreds), T (tens) and O (ones).

Use your place value grid to answer the following questions:


1. 4 x 1000 =

2. 9000 divided by 1000 =

3. 3 x 1000 =

4. 5000 divided by 1000 =

5. 7000 divided by 1000 =

6. 6 x 1000 =

7. ___ x 1000 = 2000

8. ___ divided by 1000 = 9


Remember, when you multiply by 1000 your digits move 3 places to the left and you must fill in any empty columns with zeroes. When you divide by 1000, your digits move 3 places to the right.


Day 5


Read a chapter of your book. As you are reading, think about which character you are most similar to. Why do you think this?



Friday Challenge!


Using the picture in this link, create a short story or description including adjectives, interesting openers and co-ordinating conjunctions to link your points.



Friday Challenge!



Topic - 





Go on a journey (to the shops, to the end of the garden, around the house). Collect things as you go and make a sculpture or picture using these items.



Sing a Song


Think of a journey you have been on (e.g. school trip, holiday, to the shops). Create a song about it explaining what happened throughout. Try and sing it to the tune of ‘London’s Burning'.



The Seasons


Think about the journey of the seasons throughout the year.

What do you know about each season, what do you like about each season?

Can you create a poem for each one? You could make an acrostic poem or a shape poem with things from that season e.g. the sun for summer, a snowflake for Winter.




Our Habitat


Think about your habitat at home. Draw a picture of it and label all the things in your habitat that help you to survive and how


e.g. Water- because we need it to survive. Bed- because we need to sleep so our body can repair.



Animals’ Habitats


Research these three habitats. Draw a picture or make a poster of the animals that live there, how do they survive?


1) Urban habitat

2) Ocean habitat

3) Rainforest habitat





Create your own animal that could live in all three of these habitats.

What characteristics (features) would the animal have to survive in these different places?


e.g. gills to swim under water, sharp claws to climb trees, nocturnal.




and Exercise


Choose 4 challenges like Mr Hull and Miss Hedges’ video. See if you can beat someone in your house?



Put on your favourite song and make up a short dance routine.

Can you teach it to someone in your house?



Draw a picture or write a letter or poem for one of your teachers/ a friend or family member.



Hello Year 3! Here is this week’s RE.

Did you know that all Muslims must try to visit the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once in their lifetime. This pilgrimage is called the Hajj. Watch the video to find out all about it.

Challenge: Imagine you can visit one place on earth,(it could be anywhere), to help you to be a better human being. Where would you go, and why? Maybe the North Pole, the Rainforest or a tiny Island in the ocean might work better to make you a better person than Alton Towers or Disneyland. Make a 5 point plan for a spiritual journey; include who would go with you, how you would travel, what you would take with you, what you would do when you got there and what you would think about.

Enjoy your learning!

Mrs Westall


Hi Year 3!

This week I have been having fun on hour of code again and I have found this angry birds themed coding activity. You will need to use code to guide characters around the maze. This week you will need to use skills of using a repeat block, and an "if" block. If you are successful, you can download your certificate at the end! Good luck! Click on the link to start.

​Have fun!

Mrs Fraser



Holy Mole! How good are your listening skills?

You might need a few practises to get the hang of this game so don't give up straight away - it's very tricky!

Listen carefully to the notes played on the guitar. The floating moles will sing the notes back in the same order... but one of them will get it wrong! It's your job to figure out who sang the wrong note and shoot their balloon down. Start on beginner mode and work your way through the levels to see how far you can get!

Mr Owen