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Week 4 - Week Beginning 27th April 2020

Year 5 Home Learning - Week 4 (27th April - 1st May 2020)


Year 5 - Weekly Bingo Tasks



Design a scenery out of cardboard boxes. Then write a play set in that scenery and perform it to your family.

In your best handwriting, turn your play into a story. Remember to include lots of description and maybe figurative language to create atmosphere.


Read your favourite book and dress up as that character for a day. Take some freeze frame photographs showing what that character is like/something they did in the book.

Find a programme on TV and mute it. Read the subtitles instead. Can you keep up?


Watch a TV programme and ask your parents to pause it and pick out words from the show for you to spell. When you get it right you can carry on watching. If you don’t, you must write it down 10 times before you can continue watching.

Make a crossword using the year 5 spellings/your key spellings in your diary.


Measure your ingredients for dinner. How accurate can you be? Why is this important? Can you convert your measurements?

E.g. 200g= 0.2kg

With a family member, get a deck of cards. Take it in turns to draw a card. Then times the 2 cards together. First one to answer gets a point. Jack=11 Queen =12 King=100


First, research what rust/rusting is. Then, take 4 identical metal objects (like a nail) cover one with oil, one with Vaseline, one with paint and leave one as plain. Put the nails in a pot of water. Predict what you think will happen to each nail after 1 week. Every day for 1 week (or longer) check the rust on each nail and make notes on its appearance. Which nail will rust the most?

Topic (Geography & Art)

Use a mirror to draw yourself. Remember the 80 - 20 rule (80% looking at the mirror, 20% looking at your paper) You can use anything to create your drawing.

Use a cold cup of tea (without milk) and paint a piece of paper. Then draw a map of your home onto it. Remember to label important places/features in your home.


Using Joe Wicks as inspiration, create a workout that you and your family can follow.

Look at Mr Gill’s YouTube video on our Deanesfield YouTube channel and try the ‘biscuit challenge’.


Learn a new skill around your house. It could be: -learning how to do a washing load. -How to wash up -Learning how to cook a new meal -Learning how to keep your garden trimmed and tidy.

Think about something that you would want to thank your parents for doing for you. Write them a letter of thanks. Remember to make it colourful and heartfelt.