Deanesfield Primary School

Dream, Believe, Achieve... And Make A Difference!

Week 1 - Week Beginning 23rd March 2020

Please find below, some suggested activities your child in Year 4 could do if they are at due to school closure or self-isolating.








Complete the Reading Eggspress activity or read a chapter of a book.

Read a book of your choice for 20 minutes. Can you summarise it to someone?

Can you write a book recommendation for a family member? Swap favourite books and authors!

Find a newspaper article. Can you create alternative catch headlines for the article using alliteration?

Complete the Reading Eggspress activity or read a chapter of a chosen book.


Choose a Fairy-tale Story like Little Red Riding Hood and write a sequel. Can you include speech?

Click the link to a Pobble 365 picture and complete the activities at the bottom of the page.

Choose 9 letters (a mix of vowels and consonants) and see how many words you can make. Can you create any with suffixes?

Write a script for a play. Can you act out your favourite scene or perform the whole play?

Create a new spelling board game to play!


Complete the Mathletics Task.

Times Table Rockstars or Maths Frame times tables.

Create your own 4 digit addition and subtraction questions. Can you make the answer even or odd?

Create a poster about fractions explaining an aspect we have learned and present it to a family member. E.g. equivalent fractions, adding or subtracting fractions.

Look at a clock or a watch at different intervals throughout the day. Can you convert the times between analogue and digital?

Find items in a catalogue or online. Can you calculate their prices and work out how much change you would have from each note value?

Topic and


Can you identify different electrical items around your house. Can you see if they are battery, mains or rechargeable?


Can you create an Anglo-Saxon shield out of cardboard, which would represent your family or tribe in Saxon times?

Collect recycled items and make something out of it!


Choose an object or look out of a window and use it to sketch a still life.

Become a wildlife observer! Make observations of any wildlife you see. Record what the animals look like, are doing or eating.

Fitness and Wellbeing

Create an obstacle course in your garden or house. How quickly can you complete it?

Watch Go Noodle ‘Melting’ and relax!

How many shapes can you make with your body? Can you spell out your name or letters in your name?

Choose 5 animals. Can you move and act like them? Can you show their emotions?

Create a dance routine to your favourite song. Can you perform it?