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1F Class Assembly

Monday 11th March:

The children arrived at Hooke Court safely after a stop at Winchester for lunch. When they arrived, the children really enjoyed doing the team games where they showed team work and communication skills.


They made their beds, had a lovely dinner and now children are very excited for the disco tonight!


Tuesday 12th March

"Great fun was had at the disco last night. The teachers were showing us their moves. Everyone slept well last night and is ready for the today’s activities."


"After an exhilarating day of exciting activities and an evening disco, we had the most amazing night sleep! We have just had a delicious breakfast and can't wait for our daytime activities."


"Today we’ve spent the day being Saxons. This morning we made  pottage, bread and cauldron snakes, we tasted it and it was delicious. Later this morning, we made own Saxon jewellery and learnt how to weave. It was tricky but very relaxing. Then this afternoon we wrote our names using runes and experienced fence building using wattle and daub. All finished off with a shield war. We’re looking forward to Saxon stories and songs around the campfire tonight."


"We had stories and sang songs around the campfire. We learnt some great new songs and can’t wait to share them with our parents."

3G Class Assembly

Phase Leaders' Award Celebrations (90 Good Day Ticks)

Reception Super Hero Workshop

2S Class Assembly

Year 1 Vincent Van Gogh's painting Starry Night.

Year 1 Walk to the park

Year 1 Florence Nightingale Day

Christmas Lunch / Christmas Jumper Day

Year 5 Christmas Around the World

Christmas Preparations

Year 6 Christmas Enterprise

Year 4 Remembrance Day Assembly

Year 6 Lion King Production

Year 6 Gordon Brown

Monday 16th July

Year 6 have arrived safely at Gordon Brown and had a fantastic first day! We had a tour of the huge grounds and met all the animals. Some of us have tested our teamwork and strength on the trim trail and low ropes while others have given Robin Hood a run for his money with amazing archery skills. We then went on a spooky night walk to finish off our first day here.

Wednesday 27th June 2018

The children arrived and had a chance to explore the grounds.  They learnt about Saxon skills and took part in Historical Photomapping.  In the evening, the children dramatised how crime was solved in Anglo-Saxon Times. Crimes that had been committed were people stealing chickens, being cursed, killings and saying unkind words about how someone looked!! Very serious arguments were put forward and then the jury decided what they thought the punishment should be. Some of the punishments were flogging, paying money, having your hand burned and having your tongue cut out.


"I liked it when I was being accused of not following the instructions of my master and I was beaten by a stick." Corey

"I was accused of killing a slave and I had my hand burnt, however when the bandage was removed it was cleaned so I was then allowed to be freed." Jada

Life in our Rooms !!
"In our room, we have decided the best way for everything to run smoothly is to each have chores!! Jobs include: bed making, game setting up, room cleaners and entertainers!!" 4R Boys

Thursday 28th June 2018
This morning, some of us were up very early!! We had a play in the grounds before our yummy breakfast.  Then we were put into 3 groups and started our first activity; one of which was wattling. 


"First we got two bits of willow and made sure they were the same size then we bent them and put a cable tie just above where your hand holds onto it. After that we got two small bits of cut willow and put them underneath the cable tie and then got a big bit of willow and wrapped it around the small bits of willow. You wrap it around 3 times and then cross diagonally and go backwards 3 times. Then we weaved a piece of willow at the tip of the sword in a figure of eight." Bronte

We looked at old brass replicas to see what information we could learn about people in the past. First, we got a black sheet of paper and put it on the replicas and we got gold or silver crayons. We coloured over the replica and then we got a picture of the person we were colouring in.

During the next activity, we were looking at artefacts from the Anglo Saxon times and we found out about why Anglo Saxons used some of their artefacts. After looking at the artefacts, we did a quiz about the items and what they do. Then we got the answers  and we did a point chart. The max points we could have was 7.


"During the banquet I enjoyed a delicious roast chicken and not long after we had to walk up to the queens table and take a slice of cake with a bit of jam inside of it and some ripe fruit. Then we sat at the entertainment area ready for the spear dance and it was quite fun listening to Anglo Saxon riddles and it was quite a brain teaser. I really enjoyed the banquet because it was like a real Anglo Saxon feast!" Alfie


Monday 4th June

The children have arrived safely and are enjoying the day doing activities on the beach.  This evening the children enjoyed either sports activities or swimming. Good fun was had by all. Looking forward to wood land activities and team building tomorrow.


Tuesday 5th June

If you go into the woods you're in for a big surprise. You'll find some of year 5 building shelters, making fire and practising archery.  All are having a great time.


Wednesday 6th June

Kayaking, orienteering today and some photos from woodlands yesterday.

May Day / Royal Wedding Garden Party 2018

Miller's Farm visit April 2018

World Book Day 2018