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Miller's Farm visit April 2018

World Book Day 2018

Gordon Brown Year 6 Residential Trip July 2017

Wednesday 19th July

The children all arrived safely and have settled in well today. After a tour of the site, they were able to feed the animals and spent the afternoon doing archery and cordage.


Thursday 20th July

Today, the children have been going on low ropes as well as tackling an assault course. They now preparing to build a fire and are planning on having a disco around the camp fire tonight.



Harrow House Year 5 Residential Trip June 2017

8th June

We have had a very busy day!
First we headed down to the beach in our wet suits and the children made their own obstacle courses and tested them out!!
After that we played some beach games and then had lunch!
After lunch we went body boarding and giant paddle boarding which was lots of fun!
Tonight we are looking forward to the disco!


6th June 

Evening update

We went on a bracing hike this evening, it was about 3.5-4 miles and the children were exhausted at the end. Good nights sleep!

Afternoon update

We've had a beach day today doing some games on the beach and in the sea. The children had a great time in their wetsuits and life jackets surrounded by amazing scenery. They enjoyed their packed lunches on the beach.
We are playing some team games this afternoon followed by a night hike this evening.

Morning Update

The children have all had a good night sleep and enjoyed a lovely breakfast.  They have been playing teams games this morning and are now heading to the beach to take part in paddle boarding and raft building. The children are all having a fun time.

5th June 

We arrived at 1:00 and had a welcome meeting and found our rooms and ate lunch. The children are excited and having a great time. We have gone into the sports dome to play Mini Olympics and team games. This evening's activity is swimming.

Ufton Court Year 4 Residential Trip April 2017

Return from Ufton Court

The estimated time of arrival back at school is 4pm. Updates will be provided to parents if required (i.e. delays etc).
Children will leave the coach and be taken into school. Pupils will then be dismissed from classroom 5O & classroom 6J.

Thank you.

Parents to collect their child's cases from the coach and then walk into the junior playground to the dismissal classrooms.

Friday 28th April

The children had a fantastic day yesterday engaging in a range of outdoor enrichment activities including:


  • weaving Saxon swords using reefs
  • Saxon crafts such as spinning wool
  • grounding corn into flour and making fences using wattling techniques
  • making our own fires using materials from the woods and lighting our sustainable fires using primitive methods.


The finale of the day was the mouth watering Saxon feast in the magnificent grand hall followed by Saxon games.


Before bedtime, we created our own fun with 'Deanesfield got Talent' and what a talented Year Group we have!


The children slept beautifully and awoke refreshed and revitalised for a re-enactment of a Saxon raid using mime and drama!


The children have been a real credit to us and upheld our Golden Rules throughout - we are so very proud of them all.

Thursday 27th April

The children had a fantastic day yesterday crammed full of activities. These included:


  • exploring the herb garden
  • learning all about Anglo/Saxon superstitions
  • taking part in a drama re-enactment of Beowulf
  • exploring mysterious Viking and Saxon artefacts and working out what they were used for.


The children had a scrumptious chicken dinner with delicious vegetables polished off with homemade orange sponge... yum!!!


A restful night was had by all. 


Wednesday 26th April - Arrival

We arrived safely and have started unpacking. We are enjoying a lovely snack before we start our first activity. The children are amazed by the sheer beauty of the house and grounds, it has literally taken their breath away! They can't wait to explore Ufton Court in all it's glory.

Bletchley Park Workshops on 25th April 2017

This week we had an exciting visit from Bletchley Park and learnt about British code breakers during World War II and their vital role. The children had an opportunity to see the actual enigma machine used and understand how to send and decipher secret codes. The children involved found the experience thoroughly fascinating!

'The Secret Garden' Performance (Years 3-6) on 29th March 2017