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Year 6

Year 6 Presentation

Each half term, our children will reflect on their learning and share their experiences in words, pictures, photos, video and audio files. Look out for their first reflections at the end of this half term.

Spring Term 2018


Happy New Year from Year 6!


This is an exciting term for the children as we are starting a topic on 'Why creatures no longer exist' where the children will be researching and exploring how animals have become extinct and visiting the Natural History Museum to find out more. We are also starting a new book in English called 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' where we will be exploring diary entries and focusing on emotive language. ​In Maths we are using our reasoning skills to look at numerous topics and in Science the children are exploring selective breeding and natural selection.


Keep checking our page for updates on what Year 6 are up to!

Autumn Term 2017


The children have had a great start to Year 6 learning all about how life has changed through the decades and researching key events throughout history. During science, the children have learnt how circuits work and conducted an experiment into the conductivity of metals. They had a fantastic time reading the suspenseful book 'Eleven' and creating their own stories and used their debating skills whilst looking at the topic of balanced arguments. In PE, Year 6 enjoyed being coached by Dan from the FA where they learnt football skills as well as team building skills.


After the half term break, the children started a new book in English called 'Holes'. They followed Stanley's life at Camp Green Lake and retold a story in another character's perspective. In addition to this, the children also wrote persuasively focusing on the language they use when writing and varying their openers and punctuation types. The children thoroughly enjoyed their 'Enterprise' topic where they became young entrepreneurs, creating a fantastic business, amazing products and then selling them at a Christmas fair. All of Year 6 loved the topic and learnt valuable skills across the curriculum. During science, we focused on micro-organisms and had an exciting experiment whereby we observed how much mould would grow in different conditions.


The children took part in many lovely Christmas activities at the end of the term and had a well deserved and rested break ready to come back in the New Year.

Spring Term 2017

It’s been a busy term in Year 6.  The children have had a fantastic time reading the narrative poem The Lady of Shalott and they used the story to form the basis of their own; following the pattern of the poem but giving it extra twists.  During topic lessons, the children have been learning about significant weather events of the twentieth century: this includes the bitterly cold winter of 1963 and the Great Storm of 1987.  The children were amazed at how extreme the weather can, very occasionally, get in this country; they took some persuading that the walls of snow pictured from 1963 weren’t digitally altered!


In history, we have learnt all about the medieval times, focusing on knights and castles – the children really enjoyed planning a medieval feast making sure it was fit for a king, literally!  In science we focused on body health - learning about the positive impact healthy eating and exercise can have your body.  We also looked at the areas of our lives which can have a more negative effect on your health, such as poor diet, smoking and drugs.

Outside of the classroom, the children have been playing netball this term. The members of the school team have been brilliant at showing their peers how to play.  Some of the boys - initially sceptical - were really excited by netball in the end and couldn’t wait to play each week.