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Year 4

Each half term, our children will reflect on their learning and share their experiences in words, pictures, photos, video and audio files. Look out for their first reflections at the end of this half term.

Spring 2018


It’s been another busy term with lots of fun learning having taken place.


We started the term learning all about the Aztecs and how chocolate came to Europe. In DT, we designed and made our own chocolate bars and wrote our own poems based on Michael Rosen’s poem ‘Chocolate Cake’.


In History, we found out how the English language developed on the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons to England and where the Anglo-Saxons originated from. We sewed our own Anglo-Saxon purse in DT, made a clay pot in Art and wrote our own historical stories based on Beowulf in English.


The children enjoyed the opportunity to learn about how recounts can be written in the form of a newspaper article. We interviewed Year 3, 5 and 6 to report on recent trips and outdoor learning they had taken part in. We used our ICT skills to publish our newspaper articles.


In Science, we learnt about invertebrates, vertebrates and how to use a classification key to classify plants and animals.


We are looking forward to our residential to Ufton Court!!!!!

Autumn Term 2017

Year 4 started the Autumn term learning about Growth Mindset and how we can use it to approach our learning in a more positive way. Instead of saying, ‘I can’t do it’ we started changing our mindset and said, ‘I can’t do it yet’.

In English, we used the poem ‘From a Railway Carriage’ by RL Stevenson, to use as a structure to write our own poems and we studied the narrative texts, ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine and ‘The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket’ by John Boyne.


Our topic for the first half term was Terrific Transport. We learned about the history of transport, how it changed peoples’ lives and we designed and made our own futuristic vehicle in DT. Our first trip of the year was fantastic. We took a boat ride down the Thames and a ride on the Emirates cable car. In Geography, we learned about rivers, the water cycle and using maps to locate where in the world we get our food and other resources from.

I liked learning about transport and I really liked drawing a train in Art. We used charcoal to draw a type of transport and smudging the charcoal which was fun. Barnabe 4R

We held a Remembrance Assembly for our parents, caregivers and other year groups and we helped raise money for the British Legion by selling poppies to children and parents in school.

In Science we looked at the impact of humans on the environment which included: finding out about the impact of litter, pollution, housing and presenting our findings in a power point to share with younger children. We learnt about the digestive system and went on a trip to the Centre of the Cell to consolidate our learning.

I liked learning about the digestive system because we made our own model of a digestive system and I think it was really fun and very creative. We made it out of cans, toilet paper rolls, cardboard and paper. Eloise 4R

I really liked learning about the digestive system because now I know how my body works. I liked when we made models of our digestive system. We even got to test them out and they actually worked! Velizar 4R

Summer Term

Class 4W

As part of our Audio Visual topic, we made our own musical instruments out of recycled material. We designed them carefully and thought about the materials we could use and how this would affect the sounds that our instruments made. They came out so well that we made our own bands and we would like to share the videos of the performances with you.


Please click the link below to see our bands in action.