Deanesfield Primary School

Dream, Believe, Achieve... And Make A Difference!

Year 3

Each half term, our children will reflect on their learning and share their experiences in words, pictures, photos, video and audio files. Look out for their first reflections at the end of this half term.

Spring Term 2018


What a fantastic Spring term Year 3 had. Despite the very strange weather changes, we persevered with our learning and enjoyed a range of fabulous activities and trips which broadened and deepened our knowledge.


Due to the Beast from the East, we concentrated on the Ice Palace in English with a focus on improving our vocabulary choices and creating tension. We learnt that through short sentences and rhetorical questions we can engage our reader to want to continue on our adventure. The children also took a lovable shining to The Iron Man, when we investigated that not all characters are as simple as good vs evil and that it is important to develop them in order for the audience to bond with them. All Year 3 adults have been super impressed with how the children's writing has progressed and are now able to confidently use paragraphs, a range of punctuation and exciting ways to open their stories. We can't wait to see what the end of the year brings!


What's the time in Year 3? Spring saw us leap into telling the time on both analogue and digital devices. We worked in teams to decipher whether it was past or to the hour and what it also meant to work with military times. Are you always late for appointments? You won't be now, put your child in charge. Year 3 have also loved Funky Fluency which allows them to show off their knowledge of the 4 operations and also consolidate anything we have done in class. They have then used this to gain increased confidence in problem solving activities and being able to reason their answers.


Deanesfield pride themselves on having a broad and balanced curriculum and children in Year 3 have loved the cross curricular links between their D&T projects and our Spring topics of Guatemala and the ancient civilisation of Mayans. Children turned into culinary geniuses when they explored, designed and made their own Guatemalan empanadas and discovered new flavours of paprika and cumin. We took this even further when we plunged into The Mayans and gained knowledge on the myths and legends of their Gods. Through this, we expanded our imagination and created tube puppets of a Mayan God or Goddess. Feel free to take a tour along the Year 3 corridor to see some of these scary puppets in action.


Through exploring the schools motto of 'Dream, Believe, Achieve and make a difference', the children in Year 3 are more resilient in their learning and more confident in approaching situations both in and out of the classroom with increased independence. We really hope that children are not only showing this within Deanesfield but putting it into their practical everyday lives. Keep up the fantastic work, you've done amazingly so far and we know that you can only keep growing!


Miss Wakefield, Miss Grist and Miss Butler.

Spring Term 2017

This term the children will be starting the term learning all about Guatemala. They will look at the landscape of the area including the rainforests and volcanoes.  They will learn about the people who live there and will compare it to where we live. For History they will look at the artefacts that have been found in Guatemala left by the Mayans and what we can learn about how they lived from them. It’s a shame it’s too far for a visit there.


Later in the term the children will be visiting the National Gallery to explore what we can find out about history from a painting. We will be trying out these skills with our own painting called Children's Games by the Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It’s an opportunity for the children to find out what games their Grandparents played when they were children.


In Science the children will continue their investigations with light and shadows. Hopefully we’ll see some sun so we can get some really good shadows. Then they will begin to investigate forces and magnets.


On returning to school the children will be poets and they will be reading and writing their own shapes poems and calligrams. Then we will be plunging into the ice, not really we hope, with a novel called The Ice Palace. From this we will write our own adventure stories. For non-fiction writing we will be concentrating on writing explanations and linking this to our Science


The children will continue to build on their knowledge of place value and extend their skills in written methods for addition and subtraction. We’ll continue to work on the 3, 4 and 8 times table, so lots of practise at home please to help the children with this. They’ll be lots of problem solving and reasoning too so the children can apply what they have learnt.


It’s going to be a fun and exciting time.