Deanesfield Primary School

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Year 2

Each half term, our children will reflect on their learning and share their experiences in words, pictures, photos, video and audio files. Look out for their first reflections at the end of this half term.

London Transport Museum

Year 2 had a fantastic time at The London Transport Museum. They were fascinated to see how transport has changed over time and enjoyed the hands on activities.

Innaya 2S - My favourite part of the trip was climbing on the buses and trains. I was a good bus driver!
Jassem 2S - I really liked building my own bus, I made sure it had good wheels and seats for lots of people.
Panna 2S - I enjoyed collecting my stamps after I learnt lots about each transport!

Maths update


Once again we have been busy this term with our Maths. We began the term looking at measurement by using measuring jugs, scales and meter sticks. Year 2 had lots of fun using the measuring jugs to understand water levels. Also, we looked at solving two step word problems involving different units of measurement. The most fun had during this term was when we investigated monetary value and spending money. We have really enjoyed using concrete resources to help understand coins and notes. Finally, we ended the term with exploring written methods of addition and subtraction. Many children were proud to show their knowledge of long and short column method

Autumn Term 2017

In English this term the children have enjoyed reading and writing a range of genres.

The children began the term reading ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’ by Jill Tomlinson.  The children enjoyed writing their own versions by changing the setting and characters. They also enjoyed learning about Aesop’s fables and finding the hidden messages in the story. They had fun acting our fables and then creating their own! You can listen to a few  fables here:


The children have also learnt about non fiction. Specifically, the children worked hard to create a set of clear instructions explaining ‘How to make a fire engine’. They were able to follow them and create excellent fire engines!

The children showed great team work when they researched different materials and presented what they found in a creative way. The children then used their new knowledge to create information pages for a class book on materials.

The children are now finishing their poetry unit and are looking forward to producing their own Winter shape poems.

We are very proud of how hard the children are working and it is wonderful to see the pride they take in their work.


We have been busy this term with our Maths. We have begun to use number lines for addition and subtraction, sharing for division and arrays for multiplication. In year 2 we have begun using our reasoning skills in our daily reasoning. We have been conducting different investigations and our favourites being where we tried to work out which twig belonged to the bird and building different 3D shapes using the properties. We have worked really hard in maths and can’t wait for the next term!


Our History topic is events beyond living memory that are significant nationally – The Great Fire of London 1666. We first used many different resources to research the history and timeline of the Great Fire. The diary of Samuel Pepys and Christopher Wren was particularly exciting to read. This inspired us to write our own diaries using our understanding of Samuel Pepys experiences during The Great Fire of London.  


For Art we have used a variety of tools and media to create an effect. This included using paints and chalk to recreate the burning landscape of London during the Great Fire in 1666. We have observed and drawn various shapes from observation. Our masterpieces include using sketching techniques to create a still life portrait of fruit. Furthermore, we have used fruit as a tool for printing to create our faces.


Design & Technology has been very physical this term with designing and then creating our own fire engines. Our topic of party planners has enabled us to explore different types of parties and design party hats for the Queen.

In Geography we have be developing our understanding of the locations in the world and our place in it. We can also use simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of the school and its surrounding environment. Furthermore, devise a simple map; and use and construct basic symbols in a key.