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Each half term, our children will reflect on their learning and share their experiences in words, pictures, photos, video and audio files. Look out for their first reflections at the end of this half term.

Spring Term 2018


People who help us

The children loved learning about the new topic ‘People Who Help Us.’

We researched real life superheroes using information books and Ipads and we wrote fact files about the different roles, such as police officers, firefighters, doctors and lollypop men/ladies.

Reception were very lucky to be visited by the London fire brigade as part of the topic. The children had a brilliant morning learning all about fire safety and exploring the fire engine.

“It is important to have a fire alarm in your house to keep you safe” Quinten (Tiger class)

“I had a look in the fire engine, it was so much fun. I could see where the firemen sit” Hiromi (Tiger class)

“It was so much fun using the hose that the firefighters use to put fires out.” Daniel (Butterfly Class)

“I really enjoyed learning all about what firefighters do.” Ria (Butterfly Class)


Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children learnt all about China and Chinese culture. We learnt the Chinese New Year story in class and enjoyed role playing the story in our environment. It was interesting to learn how people celebrate the New Year in China and we even made lanterns. As part of our learning, the children also had the opportunity to taste different Chinese food such as prawn crackers, rice and noddle – this was lots of fun!


The Gruffalo

As part of our narrative unit, the children learnt The Gruffalo story. We enjoyed retelling the story in class, describing the different characters and writing letters from the mouse to apologise to the Gruffalo. The children went on a school trip to The Gordon Brown Centre where the story really came to life as they went on their very own Gruffalo hunt! We were also lucky enough to build shelters for our cuddly toys and meet some other animals such as goats, rabbits and chickens.

“I liked building a house for the mouse” Behnam (Tigers)

“The Gruffalo trail was fun because he was hiding behind a tree” Shivam (Gazelles)

“I liked the Gruffalo trail. I loved the toys at Gordon Brown” Zara (Gazelles)

Reception Gallery Spring 2018