Deanesfield Primary School

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We place high priority on children's voice and something we are very proud of is our school council which includes every child from Year 1 to Year 6.


Every child in Year 6 is allocated another class in the school which they visit fortnightly to lead a school council meeting. Staff are also at the meetings to make sure they run smoothly. Here, children and staff work together to make suggestions to help improve our school.


School council discussions often focus on aspects of teaching and learning such as how to make lessons more effective and how children can accelerate their rate of learning through things like self-evaluation and peer assessment. The children's suggestions are used by staff during staff meetings to improve their teaching.


The structure of our school council meetings includes:


  1. a warm up game - to get everyone in the mood to contribute and say what they think;
  2. an update - to share what has happened since the last meeting;
  3. a discussion topic - which will lead to some action to improve, change or develop something at school;
  4. a summary session - where the main points of the discussion are reviewed and two or three action points are written down.


Following the class meetings, Year 6 feedback to their teachers and use all the suggestions from each class to decide what to do next. The Year 6 teachers then share this will all the staff so that everyone works together to make things better.


Some of the school council's major successes have been:


  • Leading a whole school drive to become a UNICEF 'Rights Respecting' school;
  • Developing a whole school charter of rights and responsibilities;
  • Developing the outdoor space to make areas where exciting and innovating learning activities such as Forest School and the Daily Mile can take place;
  • Removal of playground walls and fences to open up more space to play at playtime and lunchtime;
  • Building of more flower beds to make our playgrounds nicer to look at;
  • Providing after-school clubs for Years 1 and 2;
  • More clubs for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6;
  • Book swap and inviting the headteachers of Queensmead and Ruislip High schools to read to us during book week;
  • Deciding on the range of charities we support each year.