Deanesfield Primary School

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Each half term, our children will reflect on their learning and share their experiences in words, pictures, photos, video and audio files. Look out for their first reflections at the end of this half term.

Autumn Term 2017

In Nursery this term the children have been learning to identify their colours, shapes and letter sounds. They have also been learning to recognise that anything can be counted and that numbers are all around us. We have been learning to identify the numerals 0 – 8 so far and have tried hard to represent them in a variety of different ways. Our topic transport has lent itself quite nicely to counting and we have been counting the different types of vehicles we have, the number of different features on a vehicle and the amount of people that travel to nursery by different land vehicles. We have also been working hard to follow all the Nursery rules and remember which group we are part of. The children have begun to build on their confidence and self-esteem and are now coming into Nursery independently.

Spring Term 2017

Nursery have had a very busy spring term exploring and learning through lots of different activities. Our new intake of children, who joined in January have all settled into the Nursery routine and are making new friends.


Last half-term, Nursery enjoyed learning about lots of different nursery rhymes and experimenting with rhyme, rhythm and alliteration.  The children used the bricks and wooden blocks to make a wall for Humpty Dumpty and re-enacted the rhyme. We investigated the differences between a raw egg and a hard-boiled egg. The children have been exploring different textures during lots of different cooking activities and looking at how the mixture changes. We have made jam tarts for the Queen of Hearts and mouse bread rolls for ‘Hickory Dickory Dock.’  Nursery have learnt lots of different nursery rhymes and explored them in their play and learning activities.


This term Nursery have been investigating people who help us in our community and what they do in their important job roles. The children in Nursery learnt how to contact the emergency services and role played the different scenarios. We pretended to put out the shaving foam fire using pipettes, as hoses and rescue the people from the house. The children have been dressing up as police officers and making sure everyone makes the right choices and sending some to jail in the role play area.  Nursery have really enjoyed pretending to be a doctor or a nurse and look after the children and adults, who were pretending to be sick. They have learnt about the keeping healthy and how germs can make us poorly.  We had a special visit from the Lollipop lady, who came and spoke to the children about how she keeps everybody safe by helping them to follow the green cross code and cross the road safely on their way to school or work.


Nursery have finished the term off with lots of different activities linked to Easter, including learning about the Easter story, a Easter egg hunt, decorating eggs using different resources and making chocolate crispy nests.

Have a lovely Easter break from all at Nursery.