Deanesfield Primary School

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Green Activists

We are the Green Activists - we are a group of Year 6 children who meet every Monday helping to come up with ideas to improve the school environment, save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.


Last year, the group, known then as the Eco-Warriers, worked alongside the Woodland Trust, Green Tree School Award where they successfully achieved the bronze award. To obtain this award, they planted 30 sapling trees, collected litter from around the perimeter of the school, worked alongside the ground staff in clearing flower beds for the sowing of new seeds and plants and generally ensured the school grounds were a safe environment to learn and play.​


In addition, to promote education in recycling, we were encouraged to recycle ink cartridges and printers to raise funds for the school.


This year we will endeavour to build on the foundations of all that we achieved last year and look forward to working alongside the Woodland Trust.​