Deanesfield Primary School

Dream, Believe, Achieve... And Make A Difference!


Our Eco-Council meets fortnightly and is very active around the school, helping to come up with ideas to improve the school environment, save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. 


We are currently working towards achieving the 'Green School Award' accreditation which means we are having to submit an evaluation of our work online to get awarded points towards the next level of accreditation. 

Eco Warriors


Do you think we recycle enough?

Most schools produce a mass of waste, like food, paper, ink cartridges and much more. In our Eco Warrior group, we have been recycling ink cartridges and other random materials.

This has been for our school’s green trees school awards. Last year we managed to get the bronze award and are working towards our silver. We have made boxes for ink cartridges meaning that we don’t destroy the environment.

In some meetings of the Eco Warriors, we have done litter patrol and have found many old items, such as a crisp packet which dated back to 2010. This rubbish is from our hedges and fields that surround our school buildings.

We are also in the middle of planting 30 of our own saplings, supplied by the Green Tree Foundation. We have also cleared our flower beds. We also turned the soil on the plant beds, ready to plant new seeds in the summer

 We are the Eco Warriors of Deanesfield primary school and we hope to turn our School Eco friendly!