Deanesfield Primary School

Dream, Believe, Achieve... And Make A Difference!

Being a School Mentor

The children in Year 6 hold important positions of responsibility in our school in different areas: Teaching and Learning, Arts, School Council and Outdoors. Here are their own reports about what it is like to be one of these mentors.

School Council Mentor:

Have you ever wondered about the job of a School Council Mentor? This job is essential at Deanesfield so children are able to develop pupil voice (Article 12) throughout the school.


In order to be able to make full use of the job, several skills are required. The school council mentor needs to be able to confidently speak and present to the younger years. It is mostly focused on developing pupil voice, building the children’s confidence and letting them have a say in how our lessons are organised.


Another main focus is democracy; we present opportunities for other students to make a difference just like our school motto states: Dream, believe, achieve and make a difference. This is held every fortnight regularly and there are many opportunities for everyone (in our school community) to make a difference and share their ideas.


So far, there have been many different topics we have discussed during our meetings - many important choices have been made by the pupils. Some of the different topics included talking about activities for World Book Day and choosing a charity for Christmas Jumper Day.


Furthermore, we have helped the children improve their relationships and develop their confidence.

Teaching and Learning Mentor:

Have you ever wondered what the role of a Teaching and Learning mentor entails? This fantastic job is necessary to have at Deanesfield Primary School in order to let younger pupils project their voice and have a say. Article 12 from the Universal Convention of the Rights of a Child declares that: ‘Every child has a right to express their views, feelings and wishes’.


Our main focus is developing pupil voice and making the rights seem important. In order to be a Teaching and Learning mentor, you need to have a range of skills: e.g confidence, enthusiasm and persistence.


One of our biggest achievements is our class charters. This amazing project, that we have been working on, allows children to learn about the rights in a more creative and fun way. In addition, we have managed to plan D & T lessons for the younger years and they have enjoyed following them. Moreover, we helped the Science co-ordinator by completing a questionnaire to share our opinions on Science and how it can be improved.

Outdoor Learning Mentor: 

Have you ever wondered what an Outdoor Learning Mentor is? Do you want to know? It is essential here at Deansfield; without us, playtimes at Deansfield wouldn’t be as fun as it is now and we are always looking for ways to improve playtimes (Article 31).


There are numerous skills you must master. This is why the school picked the children of Year 6 –the most mature. They have been picked as they have learnt different ways to improve situations and help others. To be an Outdoor Mentor, you must know what children like and will enjoy at playtimes: equipment, resources and clubs. Recently, the Outdoor Learning group have suggested clubs at lunchtime. After a bit of planning, there are now clubs for the children of Year 4, 5 and 6. The Reception teacher asked for a construction area to be built for children which they will be able to use soon. Lately, there were some arguments in football; however, the Year 6 Outdoor group have solved it with a referee system.

Arts Mentor

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an Arts Mentor? In Year 6, you will get the responsibility to be a mentor. This means you will have the fantastic opportunity to pass on your knowledge to the younger years.


As an Arts mentor, you will get the chance to help children express their feelings about Art and boost their confidence through doing Art. The children’s understanding of their rights will grow by being taught by the Arts mentors. Article 31 states that all children have the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural activities and Art can play an important part in this.


The skills you require as an Arts Mentor include being a good role model for the current and future children of Deanesfield. If you have a creative imagination, this job is definitely for you! Along with a wide imagination, you will also need to be patient, hard working and excellent at following our Golden Rules.


So far, the Arts Mentors have been thinking carefully about children’s rights and have been helping with the presentation of our class charters around the school. Our past achievements as Arts mentors include organising and teaching the Reception children some African dancing, which was something we all thoroughly enjoyed.