Deanesfield Primary School

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Admissions Criteria

Nursery is non-statutory and our admissions criteria is set by the Governing Body and detailed below:


1.  All pupils must be planning to attend for the full 5 days x 3hrs daily sessions.


2.  Child’s date of birth where the eldest children are admitted first.


3.  Children who have a sibling living in the same household who currently attend Deanesfield Primary School full-time and will continue to do so on the date of admission.


4.  Distance from Nursery (we accept children into our Nursery who are not Hillingdon residents but dependent on distance from school we may not be able to offer a home visit)


Admission criteria for allocation of morning or afternoon places:


  1. Parental preference


  2. The need of the child and which session he/she will best succeed (this maybe of the discretion of the early years leader)


Being granted a place in Deanesfield Primary School nursery does not guarantee admission into Reception as this is controlled by the Local Authority.


The term before a child is due to start nursery, a letter will be sent to you asking you to state a preference of a morning or afternoon session. If places are limited then the criteria for allocation of morning or afternoon places will be followed (see above).


Offer letters will be sent out during the half term prior to children starting nursery along with further information about the school nursery and an invite to an induction meeting which will consist of valuable information about a child’s transition into nursery and will also give you an opportunity to raise any questions. 


You will receive a home visit (if they do not live too far away from the school) by members of the nursery staff. Each child will also be invited to visit the nursery with you to see the setting in operation as well as to meet the staff and become familiar with the setting. Nursery children are admitted on a staggered intake basis to ensure they are happily settled. This also allows a member of staff to personally greet and welcome your family. After this time the settling in procedure is individual to the child and the school will work with you until your child separates from you happily.


If your child is under three years of age and you are interested in registering your child with our nursery, please complete the form below and return to the school office. We will then contact you to progress your application at the appropriate time.