Deanesfield Primary School

Dream, Believe, Achieve... And Make A Difference!

Our Staff

Headteacher: Ms K O’Sullivan

Deputy Headteacher: Mr S Kidd

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs P Taylor

Head of Early Years & KS1 : Mrs B Matharu

Inclusion Manager: Ms B Ford



EYFS & KS1 Phase Leader: Mrs B Matharu

KS2 Phase Leader: Mrs P Taylor


Miss S Goodchild – Nursery Leader

Mrs J Daly – Key Worker

Mrs H Wood – Key Worker

Ms P Ganatra – Key Worker

Ms L Hayes – Key Worker

Miss M Duffy – Teaching Assistant


Reception Bumblebees:

Miss A Belcher – Class Teacher

Mrs M Kerley – Teaching Assistant


Reception Caterpillars:

Miss S Ratcliffe – Class Teacher (Year Leader)

Miss E Rogers – Teaching Assistant


Reception Butterflies:

Miss S Beharry – Class Teacher

Mrs R Ruda – Teaching Assistant


Reception Support Staff:

Miss E Biddlecombe – Teaching Assistant

Miss T Simmonds – Teaching Assistant



Miss R Fundrey – Class Teacher

Mrs M Brown – Teaching Assistant



Miss C Risitano – Class Teacher (Year 1 Leader)

Mrs S Henson – Teaching Assistant



Miss G Varley – Class Teacher

Mrs S Brooks – Teaching Assistant



Miss K Benn – Class Teacher

Miss K Alley – Teaching Assistant



Miss E Salmon – Class Teacher

Miss C Allen – Teaching Assistant



Miss J Simmons – Class Teacher (Year 2 Leader)

Miss A Williamson - Teacher

Mrs J Woolley – Teaching Assistant (am)




Miss R Grist – Class Teacher

Mrs J Luck – Teaching Assistant



Ms S Richardson – Class Teacher

Mrs S Wright – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Erwen – Teaching Assistant (am)



Miss R Wakefield – Class Teacher (Year 3 Leader)

Mrs S Siddiqui – Teaching Assistant



Miss V Hedges – Class Teacher (Year 4 Leader)

Miss L Harragan – Teacher

Mrs S Erwen - Teaching Assistant (pm)



Miss H Imane – Class Teacher

Mrs C Mitchell – Teaching Assistant



Mrs B Vaughan – Class Teacher

Mr K Wallace – Teacher

Mrs J Woolley – Teaching Assistant (pm)



Miss R Butler – Class Teacher (Year 5 Leader)

Mr M Hull – Teaching Assistant



Miss H Gunn – Class Teacher

Miss Z Cachra – Teaching Assistant



Miss L Marsh – Class Teacher

Mrs J Owen – Teaching Assistant



Mr J Gill – Class Teacher

Mrs L Pendry-Smith – Teaching Assistant



Miss S Mugglestone – Class Teacher (Year 6 Leader)

Mrs A-M Quinn – Teaching Assistant



Mr W Thorp – Class Teacher

Mrs G Coleman – Teaching Assistant


Additional Teaching Staff:


Mr C Owen - Music Teacher

Mrs C Craig - Cover Teacher

Mrs R Westall - Cover Teacher

Mrs R Childs - Maternity Leave

Mrs J Fraser - Maternity Leave

Mrs C Townsley - Maternity Leave


Additional Teaching Support Staff:


Mrs M Gill – HLTA

Mrs D Harry – HLTA

Mrs T Rowe – HLTA

Miss K Corroon – Teaching Assistant



Associate Staff:


School Operations Manager: Mrs S Tailor


Administration Team

Premises Team

School Meals Supervisory Assistant Team (SMSAs)

Breakfast & After School Care Club Teams

Mrs L Alley

Mrs Y Healy

Miss S Lee

Ms S Martin

Mrs K Menia

Mrs D Norris

Ms J Ranson

Mrs S Saville

Mrs L Sturgeon


Mr D Butterfield (Manager)

Miss K Alley

Ms D Andrews

Mr C Bowman

Miss C Buckingham

Mr J Buckingham

Miss D Fry

Mr C Jones

Ms L Mills

Mrs S Smith

Mrs D Spicer

Mr L Sturgeon

Mrs M Wilson

Ms L Wilson

Mrs S Celentano

Mrs J Curtis

Ms B Forte

Miss D Fry

Mrs H Holder

Ms C Lopez



Mrs L Pendrey-Smith (Manager)

Miss E Biddlecombe

Miss M Duffy

Ms B Forte

Mr M Hull

Ms C Lopez

Mrs R Ruda

Miss T Simmonds

Miss M Sturgeon

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